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Spending two weeks “Chez Evelyne” was a wonderful experience which afforded me the opportunity to live with a French family and participate in their daily lives. I was graciously welcomed into their home and felt an instant ease and comfort while staying there. Their hospitality and warmth provided an easy transition for me to enjoy the spirit of the French experience.

Evelyn and Jean-Pierre (her husband) are excellent cooks. They made many wonderful meals and particularly catered to my taste. I came home with a plethora of recipes to try and will certainly make them for some of my dinner guests. Meal time was a lot of fun. We sat around the table and laughed and told stories, of course, all in French. It was one of the highlights of the day.

During our daily lessons, I especially enjoyed the many conversation we shared regarding a diversity of topics. These subjects included, but were not limited to, the roles of women and men in French society; and overview of traditional and contemporary models of grandparents, and the French educational systems and the importance of the Baccalauréat (Bac). This was an interesting method to enhance conversation and participation.

Evelyne planned wonderful excursions which facilitated a real appreciation of the lovely French and Spanish country regions. On some occasions, I was accompanied by her assistant, Martine, who was an enjoyable and enlightening travel companion. It was delightful visiting the small Basque villages, the Ascain factory, the bordering towns between France and Spain and my weekend visits to St. Sebastian and Bilbao. A favorite highlight of mine was visiting the Guggenheim Museum.

In summary, I enjoyed being included into a warm and hospitable family. This enabled me to feel comfortable and at ease during my interactions with them. Moreover, Evelyn and her family helped me to appreciate the French experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay!

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