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I just had a fantastic experience immersed in French with Evelyne .  She and her adorable husband Jean-Pierre opened their lovely home to me, fed me delicious meals, terrific wines of the nearby regions, took me on fascinating tours, and the best part of all, our morning lessons.

Evelyne is a great teacher! She had me write a story for each class, (which she would mark with her beloved red pen), and prepare an oral story as well. It became very clear to us what my weaknesses were, and as we were together so much, she could pay attention and offer corrections. That kind of intense work without a doubt improved my language skills.

I took myself on the bus to Biarritz and went to foreign films and spoke to shopkeepers without the fear that they might answer my inquiries in a French I couldn’t understand. I highly recommend this course and Evelyne!

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