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When I arrived at Emilie’s house I was made to feel extremely welcome by everyone present. Even though I was leaving my family for the week, they made sure that I wasn’t homesick and I soon bonded with Myrtille over our love of manga and ‘bande dessinée’. This led to a daily ritual of reading manga books out loud together, improving my pronunciation and vocabulary immensely.

The French lessons were really useful – we covered an amazing amount of ground in the short time we had, but also worked on specific things that I struggled with, such as the future and conditional tenses.

The food was absolutely fantastic every day, with my favourite being either homemade quiche Lorraine, or duck tourte.

We also had plenty of things to do, like visiting the nearby chateau to buy home made bread and driving to Toulouse to see the fête foraine with a giant robotic spider and Minotaur.

Thank you to the whole family for such a wonderful experience. I will face my French GCSE with a lot more confidence. I hope to come back before A-Levels!

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