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I stayed 2 weeks at Eliane’s house and I’m very happy of having done this experience.Now I feel more confident of speaking in France since I started as a A1.

Eliane and his fiancé made me feel like I was at home and they were extremely flexible.

Now I’m going to summarize the main points:

The loft is very clean and huge and it has all that you need: tv, wi-fi, kitchen and bathroom.

2.French Lesson:
I practice all the days a lot, she is a very good teacher and patient.

Starting from the breakfast I have practiced French with Eliane. She bought all special food for me since I’m allergic to gluten. However she doesn’t eat at breakfast so eating alone was not that fun.

Eliane is a good chef, we had lunch at home and also at the restaurants.

We did lots of excursions also during the weekend, and also when she had to do some errand she brought me together.

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