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As the train pulled into Amiens, my mind wandered, and my nerves slightly rattled. I had no idea what to expect for the next few weeks. I was scared and excited all at once until Eliane greeted me at the town square just outside the station. Her warm welcome calmed my nerves, and a lovely conversation began to flow, I knew right away I was in good French hands.

Over the last two weeks, I felt like I became a part of her family. The most significant gift out of all of this experience is that I am walking away speaking and understanding French on a higher level.

Eliane curated lessons around topics of interest and that I can use for my occupation. Also, she was very patient, dedicated to my success and answered all my questions with a smile.

Her teaching style is engaging and fun which, makes the learning process exciting.

I can’t wait to book another experience with her and my new extended French family.

Oh, and please come with an appetite because, elle sait très bien cuisiner!

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