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Eliane – Jackson & Jennifer review

Stayed in June 2019

Éliane - Northern France - Small French Town Immersion at Teacher's

A Wonderful Host, with a Great Partner, and an Adorable Dog.

My wife recently completed her French Immersion stay with Eliane.  I too enjoyed my experience tremendously even though I was not one of her “students”.

Prior to the trip, I had concerns with how I was going to spend my mornings while my wife was in the “classroom”.  Eliane’s French Immersion profile indicated that she is opened to excursions. I emailed  Eliane and expressed my interest of visiting the Champagne region (home of the world famous sparkling wine – Champagne) and the city of Rouen (where Joan of Arc was tried and burned in 1431).  Eliane responded by saying that she can accommodate my requests.

Our first day-trip was to the village of Hautvillers.  This is the cradle of champagne where ancient monk Dom Pierre Perignon discovered the champagne wine making process in the 18th century.  The 2-hour drive from Roye to Hautvillers passed quickly with Eliane conducted French lesson with my wife while Benjamin was behind the wheel.

My wife had her regular French lesson with Eliane on Tuesday and Friday while I played golf at the Golf Du Chateau D’humieres.  It was a serene golf course where most golfers walked the 18 holes.

Our second day-trip was to the city of Rouen.   We visited the Église Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc and  Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Rouen.  We admired the Gros-Horlodge – 14th century astronomical clock built during in the Renaissance.  We had lunch at an authentic Vietnamese restaurant where we introduced Eliane and Benjamin to rice vermicelles.

Once again, Eliane conducted French lessons with my wife during the day-trip while I learned the historical importance of Rouen.

Needless to say, we enjoyed our French Immersion experience with Eliane, Benjamin and Ogami.

My wife was able to improve both her French listening and speaking skills.  I had a wonderful time playing golf, visiting palaces, and drinking champagne.

I would highly recommend Eliane as your French Immersion teacher if you want to experience France while improving your French language skills.

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