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A wonderful experience! I spent a week with Eliane in June of 2019 and could not have been more satisfied.

Eliane is one of the most intelligent, patient, and caring people I have ever met. From the enrolment process to the final goodbye at her house, Eliane made everything easy and enjoyable.

I was a nervous and novice French speaker with very little confidence in my speaking ability when I arrived for immersion. During my stay, I learned a great deal of French from Eliane, but most importantly for me, she gave me the confidence to go out and use what I had learned. After the immersion, I spent three weeks in France and was able to communicate effectively in any situation I found myself.

My goals for the immersion were unique and Eliane structured our daily lessons to accommodate those goals. For an excursion, I had a very unusual request to go out and hunt down a WWI monument way out in the middle of nowhere and in some pretty thick vegetation. Eliane didn’t hesitate, we found it together and she seemed as excited as I was to find the monument. We also visited several castles during the week. During the excursions, you were continuously working on your French through conversation.

BONUS: Eliane is a wonderful chef. The meals she prepared for lunch were the finest meals I had while in France for the entire month. Eliane knew that I was a big fan of the local French cuisine so that is what she served. I loved the lessons and the learning, but I could not wait to see and eat what was for lunch every day.

The other bonus is Benjamin. Benjamin is as kind and friendly as Eliane and they make a great couple. Benjamin is an intelligent and interesting young man and it was fun spending time with him as well. If you run into any problems, Eliane and Benjamin can and will help you through the problem – regardless of your own idiocy.

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