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Eliane – André & Christina review

Stayed in September 2019

Éliane - Northern France - Small French Town Immersion at Teacher's

Merci beaucoup pour ce séjour agréable à Roye. Votre générosité et votre hospitalité ont dépassé toutes nos attentes.

The classes and the format was excellent. My vocabulary and my pronunciation was improved and it is exactly what I needed. Knowing that my pronunciation and my vocabulary was better than I started, has improved my confidence.

The length of the classes was just right, and the material we used has helped my ear. I can hear more French and I may not always understand what is said, I can look up the word later or even ask the person ‘s’il vous plaît qu’est-ce que vous avez dit ou le mot que vous venez de dire’ and repeat the word back to the speaker.

In spite of the weather the excursions were enjoyable. It was like putting a face the places you have read so much about. The whisky tasting was something new for me and I liked the enthusiasm of Etienne, our host.

My wife enjoyed her stay and Okami, your lovely gentle dog with the serious face, was a treat.

I would love to come-back to you and learn more. We love the region and the friendliness of the French people and all the people in the shops who helped me with my French.

L’année prochaine peut-être si mon temps le permet.

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