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Quelle aventure!

The first of my two weeks with Chantal were spent in Provence with a group of her friends, 16 French natives in all!

It was quite an exciting experience although I found it challenging to follow all of the simultaneous conversations in rapid-fire French! This was truly a total language immersion and an unforgettable week. I’m so grateful to have been invited to share the fun.

The second week at Chantal’s beautiful home in Mouy was a bit more tranquil, but still packed with activities: daily dog walks, movie night at the cinema, local sightseeing, shopping and gardening.

Chantal is an amazing cook and her food is truly remarkable: roast beef, côte de veau with morels, leg of lamb, coquilles St. Jacques, and excellent composed salads. I especially enjoy the opportunity to eat lunch every day with Chantal’s adorable mother (who makes the best potatoes I have ever eaten). The only problem with the cooking chez Chantal is my expanding waist-line!

And then there’s Stéphane, Chantal’s partner, who is charismatic, charming and very, very fun.

If French conversation is your goal, you won’t want for opportunities with Chantal and Stéphane. Their welcome is so warm and genuine that you immediately feel part of the family.

Mille mercis Chantal et Stéphane – I can’t wait to return for our next adventure!

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