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I spent a week with Chantal and her family in Picardie during the month of October. It was a great experience, a true immersion. I didn’t speak any English during my time there.

My French improved greatly (that was what a friend in Paris told me later), and I also felt more comfortable speaking it.

It was a week in a real French household, and besides the lessons, the meals, and scheduled touristic visits, I had the opportunity to go out with Chantal to run errands. She is a patient teacher, upbeat, a fantastic cook, and great tour guide.

The studio is extremely comfortable and well appointed.

Lunch with her charming mother was a bonus. The meals that Chantal prepared were excellent, made with fresh ingredients (I’m a vegetarian and Chantal adapted her cooking accordingly; delicious). I miss the good French cuisine and the conversations about French culture and history.

Mouy is a quaint little town, walkable, safe, and people do not talk to you in English if you struggle a little to communicate, like they do sometimes in Paris.

All in all, an excellent immersion experience. I’m so glad I did it.

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