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I completed an immersion course with Chantal in September. I could not have been more pleased! I was picked up at a local train station by Chantal and Stephan.

The accommodations were very comfortable. Chantal is an EXCELLENT cook and truly, the lunches were comparable to what one would find in a five star restaurant! They even invited me to have dinner with them a couple times which was beyond what they needed to do. They are such a fun couple!

I enjoyed the bantering with Stephan. He’s such a fun person and the life of the party! I was truly immersed in Chantal and Stephan’s life for a week which included going to the local bakery, grocery store, going to a gym to work out with them, going to a local swimming pool twice during the week, visiting an outdoor market and also visiting a nearby chateau.

I also very much enjoyed visiting with Chantal’s mother every day at lunch. She’s a very sweet, charming, and elegant lady and had many stories to tell from her experience as a child living in Paris during the second World War.

Mouy is a charming village and I enjoyed walking from my apartment to the village, only about a five minute walk, to visit the local boulangerie, patisserie and grocery store. My lessons were challenging but Chantal was always there to encourage me and explained things ever so well. I learned SO MUCH!

I can strongly this program without any hesitation! I hope that those students who come after me continue to PUSH Stephan to TAKE CHANTAL ON A CRUISE!!

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