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My experience with Chantal in France was absolutely unforgettable.

Chantal goes above and beyond in every way to make people feel welcome. From day one I felt comfortable i her home and the pool house felt like home right away! I would suggest traveling like this even if you weren’t learning a language! It is the ultimate way to have an all inclusive experience whilst experiencing the culture and customs in the truest fashion.

Chantal was made to do what she does, from her relaxed approach to her continuous help with planning your vacation. She was a tour guide, a photographer, an incredible chef, a teacher who really really cares that you are getting as much practice as you can and most of all a friend!

She is so patient as you would have to be to deal with me at the beginning (my french was horrendous) but she seemed to know exactly what to do everyday, what route to take to make everything easier for me.

She also never made me feel rushed, even if her work day is over she is still there for you, and even on her weekend she brought me to the train station, to a party etc and that extra time and effort she puts in really makes all the difference. I have no doubt in my mind that she cares just as much as you do that you leave speaking the language.

She even would make sure I had food for the evening, sometimes bringing over a tray with a hot meal, absolutely amazing treatment.

She also went out of her way to put my moms mind at ease which was very kind of her.

Stephane is just as inviting as well, he treats you as if you are a long time friend and her mother is incredibly kind and very patient. She was a joy to be around.

The whole trip from start to finish was spectacular and if I could have I would have stayed two more weeks!

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