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Recently I had the pleasure of spending a week with Chantal and her family immersing in the French language. Chantal is located in a charming village North of Paris. I had been in France for 6 weeks prior to arriving at the home of Chantal, Stéphane and Liliane so I could improve my understanding of the French language, however the 2 previous immersion activities proved a little disappointing (Note from Camille: the 2 other immersion stays where not with the French Today teachers).

Chantal is a good communicator and we had shared a few emails prior to arriving at Mouy. We arrived on Sunday as planned to a very warm welcome from the family including two lovely dogs and the French conversation began..and didn’t finish, it was the best experience of my entire trip and only wish I had spent more time with Chantal and, at the start of my trip. The lessons are based on where you are currently at in the French language and don’t follow a specific curriculum which I found exceedingly refreshing and very helpful.

The studio was well equipped, modern and extremely comfortable. Chantal has an array of books and DVD’s, all in French of course. It is a help to totally immerse and I found it helpful to have the options at hand to continue the immersion when in the studio.

Chantal is a great cook and the food was plentiful, varied and very tasty. We began with breakfast and then lunched each day with Lilliane, the mother of Chantal who is fabulous, it was informative and fun to chat with a lady who has a vast and very different life experience.

We went on a few excursions including “Chateau Chantilly” where Chantal was tour guide in French and I was translator to my husband in English I loved the experience totally and felt very successful with my level of communication.

I have spent a fabulous, educative week with Chantal my teacher, cook and tour guide. I was very happy with the experience, my husband and i were welcomed with open arms and included in the family activities for the week. I highly recommend Chantal and this method of immersion if you are serious about improving all aspects of your French especially conversation, in my opinion it is the best option available in France at this time.

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