Low Intermediate

As a low intermediate student, your goal is to:

  • Get over your fear of speaking
  • Understand longer conversations
  • Consolidate your grammatical structure

Consolidate your grammatical structure

Now that you are getting more comfortable with the foundations, the vocabulary, the pronunciation and you are starting to build your confidence when speaking, it’s the time to start learning more complex grammatical structures.

Learning in context and with audio

The French audio method “À Moi Paris 2.0” was created just for your level ; it’s full of every day vocabulary, covers real-life situations, and uses modern glided “street” French language recorded at two different speeds. The Study Guide and Q&A workbook will then entice you to practice out loud what you have just learned so that you not only build on your grammar foundations but keep developing a great French accent and comprehension.

Drastically expand your vocabulary

With “À Moi Paris 2.5”, you’ll continue the adventures of Mary of her friends in a more challenging way: with much longer chapters, and introducing different tenses, but still using the modern glided French pronunciation. Recorded at 2 different speeds, this audio novel was designed to challenge your understanding and drastically expand your vocabulary to help you step up to your next level of fluency.

Add a lot more nuances to your vocabulary

Adjectives are a huge part of fluency, but students usually only know a few. “Describe this! Mastering French adjectives” will clearly explain how French adjectives work, with a strong focus on pronunciation (the rules are very different from English). After training with my audio lesson, not only French adjectives will have no more secrets for you, but you’ll be able to eloquently describe people, food, colors, emotions… Adjectives add so many nuances to your vocabulary!

The key to any conversation is understanding questions fast

Expand your conversational reflexes. Most students of French cannot handle conversation because they don’t understand the questions fast enough or don’t know how to ask questions themselves. We have 4 different ways of asking questions in French, and the most common one, the one used in the street, is the one traditional methods study the least.

“Secrets of French Conversation” will walk you through all these different forms, give you plenty of practice and will take your French conversational skills to the next level.

Convenient Bundle

Some of the products mentioned above are also available in a convenient bundle, save an additional $20 instead of purchasing the products separately.