Intermediate & Above

As an advanced student of French, your goal is to:

  • Understand everything
  • Build your French “muscle memory”
  • Communicate eloquently

Zeroing in on your pronunciation and street French comprehension

All our products, in particular the French audio books, concentrate on today’s modern French pronunciation which often eludes advanced students who have studied French academically – this is particularly true if you are a bit older.

French is an evolving language, and without sounding like a teenager, you need to keep up to date with today’s French, in particular the glidings and modern pronunciation. All my audio novels are recorded using these modern glidings but for your level “A Moi Paris Level 5″ and my “Une Semaine à…” series are the best.

Master the French verbs and let them become second nature

When interacting, if you have to think too long before you are able to come up with your verb form, you will spend your time “preparing’ your next phrase and not really get into the actual conversation. To achieve these key reflexes and make sure you don’t butcher the pronunciation of French verbs, there is no better tool than my French Verb Drills series.

In 6 minute training sessions, you will memorize the most used verbs and their tenses AND pronounce them like today’s native French speakers do.

Available in 3 separate volumes or in a bundle

Unlock the elusive modern French sounds

Even if you had an excellent native teacher, you probably still have problems with the most complex French sounds such as the elusive “ille, aille, ouille, euille…”. My very popular audio lesson “Secrets of French Pronunciation” not only covers all the French sounds (from beginner to advanced) but will also teach you how to place your tongue and lips in order to obtain the correct sounds. It’s a great refresher course, which includes many drills and lots of practical exercises.

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