Start with Confidence

As a beginner, your goals are:

  • Be confident enough so that you are not afraid to exchange a few words with a French person
  • handle basic conversations in specific situations
  • Notice quick results and feel good about yourself

Focus on the present tense + truly useful vocabulary

French people don’t speak the way they write

Modern spoken French and the French you might have studied in books/schools are VERY different. In any language, there will always a difference in spoken vs. written form but the French really take this to the next level!

If you only want to read French, books are OK.
If you want to speak it, then learn with audio!

This beginner French method is framed around an actual story featuring realistic characters and dialogues so that you’ll have fun along the way and feel your progress as you follow the characters from chapter to chapter.

Recorded at 3 different speeds

Each chapter of the story is recorded 3 different ways:

  • A slow version to start you off
  • A normal version with French glidings and elisions (you’ll learn about these in the method)
  • A modern street version as natives would actually speak so that you are ready to understand them

You can’t guess French pronunciation

French pronunciation follows very precise rules and “Secrets of French Pronunciation” is made specifically for you to master all these rules and sounds.

Teaches you not just how to pronounce but how to place your lips and tongue

Hearing and repeating is good but knowing exactly how to place your lips and tongue will really unlock French pronunciation for you.

Pronunciation drills especially made to build your confidence

Using the drills will build up your “muscle memory” so that these tricky French sounds become part of your DNA.

Never hesitate when you need to be polite

Very early on you need to master the precise vocabulary and the modern pronunciation of French politeness expressions. The French are known to be sticklers on etiquette and you do not want to start off on the wrong foot. Unfortunately French people will expect you to know these expressions, and they don’t realize it’s hard.

“The waiter said “bonjour Monsieur” and I froze. It was so embarrassing!”

If the expressions of politeness don’t come to you fast enough, 2 things will happen:

  • the person you are talking to may feel insulted, and will shut down very quickly
  • she/he will assume you do not speak French well enough and automatically switch to English when addressing you

Develop your French communication skills

Once you have the basics down, your next step is to expand your vocabulary and gain confidence when using your French in conversations.
For this, “A Moi Paris 1.5″ is the perfect beginner audiobook.

Learn French in a Realistic Context

The adventures of Mary (from “A Moi Paris – The Beginnings”) continue. In a fun and enticing realistic story in the present tense, you’ll learn a ton of really useful French vocabulary and grammatical structures.

Actually practice your French

You’ll get plenty of spoken practice with the all recorded Question and Answer exercise book. This will have a huge impact on your next conversation in French.

Try to take at least a couple of private French classes

I would strongly recommend any beginner student to take private French classes (at least a couple) and have a native French speaker check their pronunciation. My audiobooks are great because they are all audio based but nothing beats a real French native to at least check your pronunciation and give you customized pointers to keep you on the right path…

Convenient Bundles

All the products mentioned above are also available in convenient bundles, save an additional $20 with every bundle instead of purchasing the products separately.