Giving Back

Every December, French Today donates a portion of the year’s audiobook sales to charity. For the past years, this donation has been about evenly split between:

MSF (Doctors Without Borders)
This organisation provides medical assistance to millions of people affected by wars, disasters and more in 74 countries. (link)

Les Restos du Coeur
This organization provides meals, as well as housing, training and lots more, for millions of struggling people in France. (link)

We have specifically chosen these 2 organisations because they represent both local and foreign help but most specifically because we believe in their mission as well as the fact that they are very transparent. Most of the donation money is actually used to help people instead of paying lavish salaries and lifestyles of the executives.

In addition: 2020 Bastille Day Flash Sale

On top of the regular end of year donations, 14% of the proceeds of the 2020 July 14th Flash audiobook sale was donated to two other French NGOs:

SOS Homophobie
Providing a helpline/support to the LGBTQ community and general education (link)
LDH-France – Ligue des droits de l’Homme
Providing legal support/ fighting against racism, women’s rights and more (link)

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