Get your Modern French Phrasebook With Audio for Free

Have you ever wondered how to tell a French waiter that the food you ordered was wrong? Or what all these announcements you heard while waiting at a train station were? How about asking for directions to the closest pharmacy?

13+ hours of French phrases, dialogs and tips

This free audiobook features 1100+ modern, really useful French phrases to help you communicate in any situation and understand what people are often saying to you. It covers typical themes such as politeness, shopping, food, transportations… and some innovative subjects such as conversation starters, pick-up lines…

But first, why is this free ???

This is definitely not your typical ‘freebie’. The whole time we wrote, recorded and edited this 13+ hours-long audiobook, we had plans to sell it for $39.99.

We started creating this audio phrasebook because throughout the years many people asked us to create one. To be absolutely honest with you, although we think phrasebooks can be practical and fun, we really don’t think they are the best way to teach French.

We strongly believe our À Moi Paris Method is much better suited for you to learn French (even if just the basics) so what to do with a phrasebook in our audiobook lineup? Well, why not be nice and spread some good in the world and make it completely free?

If you like phrasebooks then you’ll love this one and if you feel that it kindled or rekindled your interest to learn French, then we hope you check out our À Moi Paris Method.

Recorded at 2 different speeds

Each bite-sized lessons features ten useful phrases each recorded at two speeds and levels of enunciation by a Parisian native:

1. At a slower speed in overly enunciated French to work on your classic French pronunciation (with enough time for you to answer & repeat).

2. At a modern French speed featuring French like it’s spoken today by everyone you encounter (with enough time for you to answer & repeat).

Also Includes French Cultural Tips & Dialogues

These 15 chapter themes typically conclude with a list of tips and are often illustrated with fun, authentic dialogues also recorded at 2 different speeds.

By the way, did you know for example that the ‘salut’ that most teachers teach as an alternative to ‘bonjour’ is rarely used with people you don’t intimately know? 

Sample Restaurant Dialog – Enunciated Speed

Sample Restaurant Dialog – Modern French Speed

Perfect for French Learners or travellers

Whether you’ve learned some French before or are new to French but are planning a trip to a French speaking country and need to be able to express yourself fast, this phrasebook will come in extremely handy!

With this audiobook you will:

  • Learn over 1100 really useful sentences to communicate in French
  • Master their pronunciation in both traditional and modern French
  • Learn how to order food, book a hotel room, take the plane / train / subway, engage in a conversation, report problems…
  • Gain speed and confidence when talking in French
  • Understand some cultural aspects of France thanks to theme specific tips
  • Train your ear to understand authentic French dialogues
  • Feel better prepared for your trip to France
  • Achieve a new level of fluency in your conversations

Works on all devices/computers

Like all French Today audiobooks, this Modern Audio Phase Book uses the custom French Today app available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. There’s even an MP3 + PDF version available if you have a less mainstream device or want to print the transcript. 

With the French Today app, you can easily read the transcript while listening to the audio, hide/reveal the english translations, quickly jump to different sections and skip forwards/backwards in a single click. 

You can also easily choose the recording speed of the audio. We even have a dedicated car mode for when you’re on the go…

Works completely offline – No Internet Access Required

Once you downloaded the audiobook onto your device, you don’t need to be connected to listen to it. It’s perfect for when you are travelling and might not want to use your cellular data!

How do I get it?

Since this audiobook is available at no charge for a limited time and uses the French Today apps, you will need to create an account on our site (this should only take a few seconds since we only ask you for your name, email and country). Using your email and the password you created, you’ll log into the French Today app and download the audiobook in a few minutes… It will be available in your account forever – even if we eventually decide to sell the audiobook at some point.

If you already have a French Today account, you can simply log in and add it to your existing account.


Why do I need to go through a checkout?

The French Today app is integrated with our online store so in order for you to access this audiobook, you will need an account and the way to create an account is to checkout (but it’s a very simplified checkout – you only need to provide a few basic pieces of info).

Is this really free?

Absolutely. You can download the French Today app and the Modern French Audio Phrasebook at absolutely no charge… and you can keep it forever!

Will you start spamming me? 

Once you created your account, we’ll send you our Thursday newsletter full of French tips and free French lessons. People absolutely love our informative newsletter but you can unsubscribe at any time with one click… and you still get to keep the audiobook. We’ll also send you an email with all the instructions on how to download your audiobook for your reference.

That’s so nice of you, how can we thank you?

Thanks for your thanks ;-) Of course we’d love for you to buy one of our audiobooks but if you just share this page with your friends, family, coworkers in person or on your social network/blog, we’d really appreciate it!

If I have a question, is there someone I can contact?

Sure! Send us an email at and Camille or Olivier will be happy to help.

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