Countryside French Immersion Homestay in Northern Brittany, France

With Suzanne - your French tutor, language buddy & host

from 1350 € Per Week

  • 15 hours of private French lessons with me
  • 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a study room
  • 2 per day (B+L) with active French conversation
  • 2 excursions with me in my region
  • 1 to 4 guests traveling together
Contact Suzanne
Born in the UK, Suzanne has dual nationality British/French and has lived in France for the past 20 years. She has been teaching French for 40 years and is a perfect French immersion homestay teacher for students of all ages and levels. She and Peter live near the Northern coast of Brittany, in a 17th century Breton farmhouse which they have beautifully renovated. Come alone or with your family. You can relax in the comfort of their home with its prize-winning garden, just 2km outside a beautiful, historical and friendly Breton village. Improve your French with this patient, resourceful and experienced teacher.


Private Bathroom
Teaches Adults & Children
Multiple Bedrooms
Free Parking

Sleeping Arrangements

Bedroom 1
2 single bed
Bedroom 2
2 single bed

Types of Courses Offered: I offer French lessons for beginner to upper intermediate level, specialising in conversation, listening, and improving students' confidence.

Teacher Certifications: I've been teaching French for 40 years. I speak English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

Meet Suzanne - your French tutor, language buddy & host In France

Bonjour, my name is Suzanne – welcome to my home! My husband Peter and I live in the countryside, just outside Jugon les Lacs, a ‘petite cité de caractère’ – a town with a colourful history going back to medieval times. The other permanent resident is our affectionate 4-legged friend ‘Monsieur X’ – our outdoor cat. As we used to run a Bed and Breakfast we have two guest rooms with private bathrooms, so we can  accommodate a family traveling together. I can give formal French lessons to one or more people, as the others enjoy the region (or relax in our garden!). You are also welcome to come just by yourself (in this case you’ll be my only student), or with your spouse or a friend. I teach all levels of French up to Upper Intermediate, and all ages from 8 upwards. Peter and I are active in local village life (choir, Breton dancing, library, running bilingual quizzes in the local bar …), and may be able to involve you in those activities. The local community is very friendly, and you will be able to practice your French in the village.

My Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, my aim is to increase students' confidence so that they can go off and talk French to other people. Being a native English speaker myself, I understand perfectly well the courage it can take to speak French in public. I prefer to do all my teaching in French, with a large selection of materials and activities to draw upon, but can explain tricky points quickly and simply in English if needed. I also speak Spanish, German and Italian.

Typical French Immersion Program

A typical 1 week (6 nights) French immersion homestay with us includes but is not limited to:

  • 15 hours tuition – usually 3 hours in the morning over 5 days.
  • As much (or as little) homework as you want: listening activities, preparation for conversation/discussion, structured reading…
  • Accommodation in your own 'en suite' bedroom, with study room (we have a second bedroom available).
  • 2 meals a day: breakfast with me; a copious lunch with me and Peter.
  • 2 accompanied excursions or cultural activities – eg. a visit to Dinan, a walk along the coastal path, a visit to a local château or special garden, a local festival, preparing a French speciality dish with me – according to calendar and your interests.
  • Inclusion in my weekly local ‘duties’ may also be possible (eg. Breton dance practice, officiating at the local library)
  • If needed, the loan of a laptop for homework listening activities.
  • Preferred arrival on Sunday, departure on Saturday.

The Price With These Options Is 1350 Euros For One Person.

Additional Guests

For one additional guest, the price per week is:

  • Euros 200 in half board, without lessons or excursions,
  • Euros 700 in half board with shared lessons and excursions.

We can host up to four guests traveling together. 
There are other options with more tuition /no excursions… I am flexible, and can adapt to special requests.

Learn French In France – Your French immersion Program in La Croix Julot, Bretagne

The Côtes d'Armor Region in Brittany, France

Not far from us you’ll find the town of Dinan, the spectacular Emerald Coast with the cliffs of Cap Fréhel and at Fort la Latte... or glorious sandy beaches. You can visit a farm museum 'la ferme d’Antan', the medieval 'château de la Hunaudaye', or take forest, country or lakeside walks - with me, or in your own time.

You can rent a bike, electric if you wish, and explore the local area. 

If you have a car with you when you come, you can get to St Malo, le Mont St Michel, Moncontour, Vitré, Fougères, Josselin...  Find somewhere to stay for a few extra days in Brittany, and visit Paimpol, La Roche Jagu, the island of Bréhat, la Côte de Granit Rose, and plenty more! Ask us for ideas!

More about Suzanne and the region

View Suzanne's articles on French Today's blog.

Your French Immersion Homestay Accommodations in La Croix Julot, Bretagne

Our House in Brittany, France

Our home is a typical Breton farm which we renovated when we arrived in Brittany. I have a spacious dedicated classroom for lessons.  You have a study room, and there is also a cosy sitting room where you can relax. The open kitchen is next to the typically Breton dining room. And of course there is our big garden. The garden is a great place to relax, and we often eat outside.

Your Accommodation in our house

We have two guest bedrooms in our house each with a private shower room. Your bedroom is of moderate size, and is cosy and comfortable. There is a hot drinks corner, and you have your own shower room with sink and wc. Wi-fi is free. Next door to your bedroom, you have a bright study room with a table, chair, armchair, a library of French books of different levels and views over the countryside – the perfect place to study!

Contact Suzanne - your French tutor, language buddy & host

French Immersion in La Croix Julot, Bretagne

Visit Suzanne's Website

NOTE: All immersion teachers/hosts are completely independent of French Today. All communication, transactions and contracts will be exclusively done between you and the immersion teacher/host.

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Well, an ambition achieved! I have wanted to spend a week on a course like this for a long time, but, needless to say, as the date of my arrival here approached, so my anxiety increased. But… what a fantastic experience.

I cannot thank Peter and Suzanne enough. My time in the classroom with Suzanne passed so quickly each day and she was so helpful with all aspects of my wish to improve my knowledge of French – patient and understanding – what more could one ask from a teacher when one is not the youngest of students?

And Peter, his cooking as well as his company was brilliant.

An experience from which I have learned so much and in such an enjoyable fashion.

I cannot thank Peter and Suzanne enough for all aspects of my stay. Thank you both.


Dear Suzanne and Peter, quelle semaine fantastique ! What a fantastic week!

To be honest, I was a little worried and intimidated about coming for this immersion course, but I need not have worried: I was in very capable hands with Suzanne. She seems to get to the level you need instantly – obviously all the information she gathers beforehand makes her plan out your lessons very well.

I feel I have met the goals that I wanted to achieve by coming for this week in Brittany, and Suzanne has given me the confidence to pursue my French lessons.
The icing on the cake was also the two wonderful excursions we had. Suzanne has such great knowledge of the history of everywhere we went. The weather cooperated on the day we went to Cap Fréhel. The sun shone just for us and it was a fabulous afternoon. Also our morning in Dinan couldn’t have been better. Suzanne’s knowledge of the history is outstanding, and she makes it so interesting.

I most certainly can’t leave Peter out over the course of this wonderful week, his meals were outstanding and presented with such flair! They are both such a great couple and make a great team.

I will always remember fondly my week here with Suzanne and Peter and I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend anyone coming here. It’s been a great experience for me and one I would like to repeat sometime and amaze Suzanne and Peter… and mostly amaze myself, because being here with Suzanne has made me want to do better!!!

Merci beaucoup à vous deux.

Brittany & Janessa

What a wonderful week this has been!

From the first moment we arrived until our last moments here, we were welcomed into Suzanne & Peter’s home with a warmth we could never have expected!

Our French has improved more than we could have imagined this week. Suzanne has an incredible gift to teach French in a simple way that is easy to understand. Her passion and excitement for the French language was wonderfully contagious.  She was just as passionate about teaching as we were to learn, and that made the lessons exciting and fun!

Meal times were a cherished part of each of our days. It was helpful to practice our French in a relaxed way. Peter’s cooking was incredible and his dishes were as beautiful as they were tasty!

I’m sure Peter and Suzanne had no idea what to expect when two energetic women came into their home. They were such good sports to participate in our matching pajama parties, our late night dance party (editor’s note: to Peter’s piano playing) and to put up with our cheeky behaviour!

We are leaving with new friends, lots of helpful French, full bellies of delicious food and joyful memories! BEST WEEK EVER!


Quelle semaine !  What a week!

You are easy, experienced and EXPERT hosts.

You are a kind and considerate and generous couple.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge of French but your knowledge of Brittany as well. I didn’t know what to expect of this week, but I can now say that you’ve set the bar.

For others reading this, let me just say that Suzanne doesn’t just take you to Dinan (or elsewhere) to have a look round and tick it off your list. She’s a sensational guide; it’s as if she secretly works for the local tourist office! Peter excels in the kitchen. Each meal is picture-perfect and delicious.

Of course, the reason I came was to improve my French. Mission accomplished! Suzanne was attentive to my needs, wise in her assessment, and patient – and encouraging – with her counsel. I leave with wonderful memories along with a lot more confidence in my ability and ease in French, thanks to her excellent methods and instruction.

Absolutely, completely worth every minute.


I have to say that the week I spent with Suzanne & Peter at La Croix Julot was absolutely fantastic!

All of our communication beforehand was prompt and clear. The chambres d’hôtes is located in a very picturesque part of the countryside. My room had plenty of space and my bedroom was modern and rather large by European standards.

The day begins with breakfast and that is really where the teaching starts because we would discuss the latest items in the news or whatever topic came to mind. Suzanne had sent me a document before my arrival to help determine what I thought my strengths and weaknesses were, as well as what my hobbies and interests were. These often provided the starting points for our discussions. Suzanne very quickly identified some problems I was having with pronunciation. For the remainder of the week she would drill me with various pronunciation exercises woven into other topics of discussion.

I had the opportunity to meet a number of her friends and acquaintances during short trips into town, and also to interact with vendors at the market. As far as the French learning experience, I can’t say enough! It was way beyond wonderful!

But the teaching aside, it was the effort by Suzanne & Peter both to make me feel welcome, comfortable and really a part of their family. I certainly did not feel as if I were just another client. Everything they did made me feel relaxed, welcome, and of course ready to learn.

Peter is a wonderful cook but in addition he provides an extra facet to the language experience. Conversations with him allowed me to participate in a more relaxed style of conversation, an added benefit outside the classroom.

It was a moment of sadness when my stay came to an end, but I am looking forward to, hopefully, the next opportunity to again experience this very satisfying part of France.


I was here in October of 2019, and ever since then had been looking forward to my second visit here. Honestly, being here is like visiting good friends who live in a very beautiful place.

Suzanne has a lifetime of identifying ‘challenging’ areas for students and will customise the visit for you. Forget all the trauma of High School/College/Adult Education, of trying to study French.

So, you study; you do your homework; then what do you do with all this new-found knowledge? Well, you walk into town and practice your French on the very friendly locals. This place is nothing like Paris where the waiters know way more English than you do French, and you have no chance to practice. Here, people are more than happy, in fact insist on, talking to you. I know most of the restaurant owners by name, their kids, and if they have a dog or not. All covered by my French, or attempt at speaking French. Admittedly, I get mixed up whether they have dogs or kids, but the important thing is, I/we had an opportunity to talk undisturbed and without any ‘judgement’.

The stay here is very comfortable. The room is very nice and the food, wow Peter is an amazing (and a very funny) chef. The excursions are very very interesting and there are many to choose from.

The Chinese celebrate 2020 as the Year of the Rat. I think it will be best/worst remembered as the Year of the Coronavirus. In time of crisis people either step up to the challenge or shy away from it. My flight back to USA got cancelled but Peter and Susan immediately welcomed me to stay a few extra days here, until things got a bit more sorted out. The world could benefit from a few more people like Suzanne and Peter. Thanks.


I arrived in Brittany with a rudimentary grasp of French grammar and a limited vocabulary.

A week with Suzanne and her total immersion approach to teaching French has provided much improved mobility and has enthused me to continue learning the language.

Suzanne is a big fan of Brittany and, I believe, all things French, with her extra-curricular library and village activities. It was good to have a teacher with that enthusiasm (and, I should add, patience with me).

I particularly enjoyed the coastal walk on a windy autumn afternoon.

Suzanne and Peter make a good team with Peter in close support demonstrating exceptional culinary skills.

A week well spent and much enjoyed.


Dear Suzanne and Peter, I have been thinking of going on an immersion course for some time now, and suddenly realised it wouldn’t happen if I didn’t do something about it!

I am so glad that I did, as I couldn’t have been happier than I have been with my stay here.

Suzanne – you are an excellent teacher and so patient with my pronunciation and memory lapses. I appreciate all the tools you have given me, and suggestions as to how to continue learning. I’m not sure what people will think, watching and overhearing me practising face (mouth) shapes for the nasal vowels J.

Peter – thank you for providing such wonderful lunches. They have all been delicious.

I wish I could be here for at least another week or more, but I would like to think I will be able to return before too long and ‘immerse’ myself with you once more (with much-improved French, of course!)

Our excursions were very enjoyable – even the very windy trip to the coast – and I loved Dinan. Many thanks to you both.


I came here last year for just one week, which I found to be extremely beneficial, but not long enough. My week here was one of the best last year, and I enjoyed many great experiences in that year. I knew I had to come back.

This year I came for two weeks, which also have passed extremely quickly. Just being with the delightful Suzanne and Peter, joining in their activities, being part of the community is a truly remarkable experience. It is great to meet their friends, to learn more of the people, as well as their language is very enriching.

Suzanne is an outstanding teacher as well as being a wonderful person.

Peter prepares great meals and tells entertaining stories.

I can highly recommend this experience to anyone who wishes to learn more French, and know more of Brittany and France.

Profound thanks to Suzanne and Peter for another wonderful experience.


Dear Madame, Sir or child, if you have already stayed with Peter and Suzanne, then you already know what an amazing experience this has been. If you are still on the fence before taking the plunge to sign up for a week-long stay or not, all I can say is ‘plunge on!’

Then, once you arrive on French soil, let me introduce you to the greatest French/American phrase since the Marshall Plan: “Svp, je vais essayer en français”: if you blindly ambush a French person with your feeble attempt at communicating in French, I can all but guarantee awkwardness for everyone. However, start by de-escalating the situation with this phrase, and all will be well. It communicates goodwill to the listener: “I will try to say this in French.” It tells them that you have practiced their native beloved language and feel ready to attempt it… but/so, please be patient. I have yet to encounter a French person who didn’t appreciate this comment, and all would complement my efforts, in French, rather than replying in English.

This is but one of the many many benefits of spending a week with Suzanne and Peter.

Elaine & Cees

Suzanne, your energy and enthusiasm have motivated us far more than we had dared hope. What a difference a week makes!

Peter, your ‘cuisine’ was ‘superbe’. Loved all of it! Your plates were a work of art – so simple, yet so well thought out.

In (almost) the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘We’ll be back’!

Thank you, and a ‘dikke merci’!

Mary & Sarah

Chers Suzanne et Peter, Nous sommes restées deux semaines chez vous et c’était une très bonne expérience pour nous deux. Merci pour l’accueil chaleureux.

Avec votre assistance, nous avons gagné en confiance avec la langue française et notre niveau est bien amélioré.

Les visites étaient très agréables et votre connaissance de la région est impressionnante.

Un grand merci à Peter pour avoir nourri notre dépendance au café à intervalles réguliers.

C’était une expérience inoubliable !

Jack Sr, Jack Jr & Neve

Dear Suzanne and Peter, thanks you so much for having me, my sister and grandfather for an amazing two weeks. Being here is like a dream.
This place is magical. We love it here, from Peter’s amazing cooking, Suzanne’s great lessons and expeditions, to the famous Mr X. Thank you so much for letting us spend these days with you. Jack D

Dear Suzanne and Peter, Thank you guys for such an amazing and wonderful 2 weeks. I’ve had such a wonderful time and I’m sure the 2 Jacks did too! From Jack’s unreal sandwiches, to cooking dinner with Suzanne, to piano lessons, to playing with cats in the garden. My heart is heavy having to say goodbye (but I bet this is a relief for you guys, no annoying teens!) Thank you for everything!
– Tu entends?
– Quoi?
– Le silence après que Jack & Neve sont partis ! *
*(editor : with reference to a sketch that Neve & Jack perfected and performed during their stay).

Louan & Burke

Suzanne and Peter, you have helped us make a dream come true! Our heads are full and our hearts are happy.

We are grateful for all the fabulous things we have learned and experienced from phonetics to history to Peter’s beautiful piano music as we fell asleep.

The food was excellent, the evening walks fed our souls, and we’ve fallen even more in love with France, and the language, and kind and generous people.

It is hard to decide which was the best part of being here: the instruction, the food, the hospitality, the ambiance, the excursions – everything was absolutely first rate.

Suzanne is a superb teacher!!

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