French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s Near Fontainebleau

With Fabienne - your French tutor & language buddy

€1800 Per Week

  • 10 hours of French Tuition with Fabienne ( 5 x 2h )
  • private fully equipped studio
  • 2 meals per day (breakfast +Lunch) with active French conversation+ 1 Dinner on your arrival
  • 3 excursions in my region (entry fees included)
  • 1
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Not even an hour away south of Paris (70km exactly!)... and here you are! In a real heaven of beauty and Nature while very close to civilization! Come and practice your French with me, either formally, to prepare yourself to exams for example, or more casually ...(speaking while hiking!) I can assure you, you will be fully immersed in the language during your stay here -with me, in my home- while having lots of fun! You feel a bit stressed to make "the big jump"!? I can organise some lessons on Google meet so that you start brushing your French immediately and you are more at ease with the language before your arrival. You dream of having an immersion stay but for some reason you cannot travel or leave your house. I can come to you and introduce a "bit of France" into your home! (contact me for more info!)


Private Bathroom
Teaches Adults & Children
Free Parking

Sleeping Arrangements

1 queen bed

Types of Courses Offered: French conversation, Grammar and conjugation ...

Teacher Certifications: Licence d'Anglais Mention FLE (Université de Montpellier); PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) in Foreign Modern Languages (Canterbury, UK)

Meet Fabienne - your French tutor & language buddy In France

Hi, my name is Fabienne, I am a native French woman in her early fifties. I was born and raised near Marseilles, by the Mediterranean sea and studied in GB where I qualified as a Secondary School teacher in French (PGCE) in "Canterbury Christ Church College" 20 years ago.

I enjoyed teaching for several years in the South East of England but decided to marry a Frenchman after all (!) I then, came back to my home country where I taught French at the Alliance Française in Bordeaux. I also had the opportunity to teach English to children and teenagers while living near Bordeaux at the time.

Eight years ago, my husband and I thought we were too young to stay still in the same area forever and challenged ourselves by moving to a new part of France, starting from scratch again! what a challenge!

Thanks to Fabrice's new post, life brought us to beautiful Fontainebleau and we honestly haven't regretted it for a minute! What a great move it has been! We have met so many nice and interesting people and have learnt so much ever since... living so close to Nature being the first major difference in our daily lives!

Nathan (22), our son, now studies and lives in Paris while Elsa (15) goes to the "Lycée" here in Fontainebleau. Fabrice mainly works and lives in Paris during the week and comes back for long week-ends. He has the opportunity to travel all around the world for his job as a Veolia "hazardous waste expert".

We are a very down to earth and "ecolo" family and try our best to contribute to help the planet by daily little efforts! We have "a compost" and try to recycle waste as much as we can. As for food, for some years we have reduced our intake of meat even if we do please ourselves from time to time with a barbecue or a typical French meat recipe!

We love cooking and spending time over meals all together! We are very lucky to eat a lot of local and seasonal vegetables, (always organic!) as we belong to an AMAP in our village and will be pleased to explain to you this original and clever concept!


A Typical 1 week (6 nights) Immersion program includes but is not limited to:

Accommodation in a spacious studio, 10 Hours of Teaching, 3 excursions, Half Board.

  • Morning: continental breakfast can be shared or taken in your studio by yourself if    you prefer.
  • Lunch together (good opportunity to share recipes!)
  • Afternoon: 3 accompanied excursions according to your interests where we will SPEAK!
  • Dinner: you have access to a fully equipped kitchen in your studio, or try one of the many nice restaurants we have in the village!

Preferred arrival on Sunday afternoon/evening, departure on Saturday morning but I am flexible!

The price form Sunday to Saturday is 1800€ for 1 person.


Using local, seasonal and organic products, I will prepare meals according to your  tastes. I can cook vegetarian meals if you wish.


Because we have already 2 cats I prefer not to welcome any other pets.


We do not smoke and smoking is not allowed inside the house nor the studio. However you may smoke in the garden should you wish so.


  • from the center of Paris: you must leave from the Gare de Lyon (there are trains to Fontainebleau every half hour, it's very easy!), and I'll pick you up at the station.
  • from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport, you can take a taxi to Gare de Lyon in Paris (for a fixed price of 53€) and then take a train to Fontainebleau.
  • of course you can rent a car from the airport if you wish and come directly (that should take about 1h30), but note that in my village you don't really need a car as everything is on hand and I can give you lifts to Fontainebleau if necessary.


Whatever your French level is, I always create my lessons according to your needs , mingling activities from different textbooks, French magazines, articles or radio programmes, constantly creating new authentic ressources  myself and tailored to your needs and interests.

I try to speak French with my pupils as much as possible during the day and activities together  but allow myself to use some English if necessary.

My pupils say I am very patient, caring and generous, but most important (!): I have a very neutral accent, which helps, of course, to be understood.

My aim is for you to be comfortable, enjoy yourself and gain confidence!

Learn French In France – Your French immersion Program in Bourron-Marlotte, Île-de-France

We live in a small village called Bourron-Marlotte (about 10km south of Fontainebleau)  which is famous for its artistic past , and also very close to Barbizon! ( another famous village for its "painters" from the 19th century).

Many parisians are attracted and come to our area to enjoy Nature, rambling or bouldering on the famous Fontainebleau rocks! We are so lucky to live next to this exceptional heritage!

Living in Bourron Marlotte is very practical as we have everything on hand: a little supermarket, a butcher, a baker, a chemist, a newsagent, a beautiful bookshop, many good restaurants, a free painting museum in our little Town Hall... so even if you don't have a car while staying with us, you can be quite independent.

We also live close to the old house of the most famous 19th century animal painter ROSA BONHEUR; her "Chateau de By" is in Thomery, less than 10km away from our house. A visit to her studio can be very easily organised.

Of course going to Fontainebleau is very easy, and all year long, we can have access and visit the chateau, and the gardens on our own or with a proper guide!

Your French Immersion Homestay Accommodations in Bourron-Marlotte, Île-de-France

Our house is a small but very cosy wooden house with a huge mass stove, giving a very warm and hearty heat during autumn and winter. We also have a huge (but not heated!) swimming pool for the hot French summers.

Morning classes and lunches will take place in the kitchen or outside if the weather allows it, while you will be able to prepare your own dinner in your studio.

Directly next to our house, your 40 square metres private studio has a bedroom area, a fully equipped kitchen, a nice sitting area giving access to the garden and a modern bathroom with a practical "walk in" shower. Also, a desk and  bookcase will be at your disposition.

Contact Fabienne - your French tutor & language buddy

French Immersion in Bourron-Marlotte, Île-de-France

Email Fabienne Directly

NOTE: All immersion teachers/hosts are completely independent of French Today. All communication, transactions and contracts will be exclusively done between you and the immersion teacher/host.

Reviews (12)

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Susan (Vancouver Island)

Last November I stayed for 2 weeks at Fabienne’s and highly recommend her “immersion program”. Would I do it again… in a heartbeat !

I started studying French just 2 years ago at 65. One of my more than many problems with French is I can speak better than I can comprehend. Fabienne and family were so helpful with this !

I come from a small town on the west cost of Canada and had never been to continental Europe. But Fabienne’s directions were clear and simple and made it all quite manageable.

The whole experience was delightful. Fabienne is a gifted teacher. It is helpful to know what you would like to work on. I was there for 2 weeks and the time still, flew by.  Fabienne was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and, with grace, diplomacy and laughter helped me correct them.  She also introduced me to Bourron-Marlotte, which in itself is amazing. The grocery store, the bakery and the pharmacy are about 10 min away. The village is very pretty.

Fabienne is a great cook. She introduced me to some amazing French dishes. If Elsa and/or Fabrice were home they would join us for the meal. It was such a treat !

The studio was charming, comfortable and welcoming. Having the kitchen with the Nespresso machine was an added bonus. The guest suite is well appointed with Art and French books. I have had the opportunity to read the other posted reviews on Fabienne and so, as not to be redundant, I will say I agree wholheartedly with them.

Thanks again for a great « séjour » !

Camela (Portland)

This September and October, I spent six weeks in France at three different teachers’ homes.  The final week I spent at Fabienne’s. My goal was to increase my comfort speaking French, as well as learning about contemporary French culture.  
Fabienne’s technique was gentle and casual; we had many conversations about the ways the French are reducing their footprint on the planet, an especial interest of mine.  I was particularly interested in the foodshare program she participates in, as well as all the big and little things that the French do to reduce waste and energy use.  I appreciated Fabienne’s willingness to share  whatever I wanted to know.  As we talked, she wrote down notes for me to take home so that I can continue to reinforce the vocabulary and grammar I learned in the process.
I was feeling a bit restless, as well as wanting to learn more history, and appreciated Fabienne’s willingness to adapt plans to do more outings.  We had a relaxed walk in the woods, a phenomenal walk through Chateau de Fontainebleau, and trips to two museums, one about pre-history in Nemours (the musée d’Ile de France), and one about the first world war (in Meaux).  I learned a great deal in such a relaxed way!
I can’t speak highly enough of this way of working on your French!  Sitting and savoring organic food while discussing in French whatever comes to mind, walking through a stunning village (one of “Les Plus Beaux Villages de France”) and just soaking it all in–what could be better?  If you’re on the fence–just jump!  I think you’ll be glad you did.     Merci Fabienne!

Siobhan (UK)

I highly recommend Fabienne as a teacher, a cook, a host, a conversation partner and a walking guide !

It really is a holiday where you can speak, listen and learn French in relaxed surroundings.

The studio is very comfortable and private.

Fabienne listens carefully to what you want to achieve and adapts accordingly.  I recommend having a clear and specific goal, as the week passes very quickly !

In my case, for example, Fabienne helped me identify areas where my pronunciation was making it difficult to understand me. When I practised doing it correctly my lips started to hurt from the unaccustomed effort involved !

I’m advanced intermediate level. By the end of the week I was starting to think in French rather than translating, which made it much more natural and less tiring.

Fabienne was extremely generous with her time and conversation. We enjoyed walks in the huge Fontainebleau woods and by local rivers.

I had been wanting to do this for years and I’m delighted by how it worked out.


Emma (Wolverhampton UK)

Ma semaine chez Fabienne à Fontainebleau.

J’ai toujours voulu faire une immersion en France, mais avec les engagements familiaux et travail, c’etait difficile de le faire.
Pendant ‘lockdown’ J’ai lu les articles sur French Today et J’ai trouvé les informations d’immersion.
L’immersion à Fontainebleau m’a intéressé parce que c’est seulement 40 minutes de Paris!
Je suis très heureuse que J’ai choisi l’immersion avec Fabienne, son mari, Fabrice et leur fille, Elsa dans le petit village de Bourron-Marlotte.
Je suis restée dans un joli gîte à coté de la maison. Fabienne et moi avons pris le petit déjeuner ensemble dans sa cuisine et puis nous avons commencé les études.
Fabienne, Fabrice et Elsa sont vraiment sympas! Ils sont très accueillants et pendant le dejeuner nous avons eu des conversations trés intéressants (en français, bien sûr!)
L’après-midi, Fabienne et moi ont visité quelques musées de l’art et de la poésie et tout le temps nous avons parlé en Français.Ma visite préférée était le Château de Fontainebleau – c’est formidable!
Les soirs, J’ai acheté de la nourriture pour moi et Je me suis détendue toute seule – un bon moment pour réfléchir à la journée et téléphoner à la maison.
Je voudrais dire ‘merci’ mille fois à Fabienne parce qu’elle m’a donné beaucoup plus de confiance en moi avec mon français.

I would highly recommend an immersion stay with Fabienne – fabulous French, delicious meals, beautiful area and wonderful company!

Lisa (Philadelphia)

Set in the countryside west of Fontainebleau is the lovely village of Bourron-Marlotte where I joyfully experienced a week in the french language/excursion immersion with Fabiennne and Fabrice, and daughter Elsa.  Fabrice was on holiday from his temporary post in Saudi Arabia, so was able to assist Fabienne with many of the excursions.  I had the opportunity  to have individual time with both and create great friendships. Being an artist, both cultural and natural setting excursions were equally welcomed.

 Mornings began with breakfast and casual conversation with Fabienne. An opportunity to know each other well:)  Then began a two hour french lesson which ended around noon and Fabienne would cook lunch while I did my homework.  We then all three of us (Elsa was at school), sat outside under the lovely sky and vegetation and had a beautiful lunch, each day, french style, and with Rosé vin conversations were plentiful!

 Afternoons were spent on an interesting nearby excursion. Monday I was on my own after my early afternoon arrival. Tuesday Fabrice and I visited the charming house of writer Mallarmé and afterward took a promenade down a street next to the Seine observing “Les Affolantes” –  the beautiful prestigious homes overlooking the Seine.  Wednesday was on my own at the Fontainebleau Palace.  Thursday Fabrice and I toured the quaint Barbizon and the artist Millet musée and studio.. Friday Fabienne and Fabrice took us to a lovely Lebanese restaurant for Lunch in Fontainbleau and after that we journeyed to the amazing house of Jean Cocteau. Saturday instead of lunch together we went to a fun evening picnic on an organic farm with livestock and a great jazz band.  So that afternoon I had the opportunity to use the pool once more:)  

 Evenings were on my own and I had the opportunity to swim in F and F’s pool and/or  bicycle into town and explore, sometimes discovering a band playing at a local restaurant, or simply hang out in the lovely, well appointed gîte.

 Time flew and I enjoyed every second of this marvelous experience. Fabienne is a fantastic teacher and cook!  Fabrice is a wonderful story-teller! The excursions were fabulous!!






Michael (San Diego)

When I retired two years ago, I started learning French and re-learning German using a variety of internet resources. My goals mainly center around travel and understanding more about European history and culture. I made good progress with French for about a year and a half or so, but then hit a wall. Certain basics were just not making sense to me (for example, placement of pronouns, passé composé), and although I found good resources to explain each bit I struggled with, the language never felt coherent.

Fabienne was great at sequencing my next steps. She was excellent at explaining the grammar structures and finding exercises for me to practice. By the end of the week, certain ideas that had been a muddle of French in my head started to “sound” right. I know I’ll need to practice more, but previously I felt I was just spinning my wheels. Now I see a path forward. French feels more coherent than it did!

The actual stay was wonderful. I had an incredible week with Fabienne and her family. They are all so nice. The apartment I stayed in is self contained and very comfortable for one or two. The village they live in is small and quiet. The grocery store, pharmacy, a few restaurants are about 10-15 minute walk from their home, so it’s easy to get any basics you might need.

The surrounding area is stunning. I understand why French royalty chose Fontainebleau for a château, and why the Barbizon painters (precursors to Impressionists) flocked to the beautiful forests. It was an incredible week, and I wish I could have stayed longer.

Ron (Atlanta)

Fabienne, and her family, were great. Before spending time with her I knew little to no French and she really helped me get a good start. Additionally, the afternoon outings were very interesting (Stéphane Mallarmé’s museum, Barbizon, the Prehistoric museum of Ile de France, the city of Provins…) and some involved longer walks so I benefited from the exercise. The meals and accommodations were wonderful. The separate gîte had a lot of light, was roomy, had a full kitchen, an update bath and was very comfortable. The setting was very quiet with outdoor tables and we ate outdoors several times. the village of Bourron-Marlotte itself was very nice and there was the most wonderful gastronomic restaurant “Les Prémices” within walking distance of Fabienne’s home. The setting, the service, the food and chef were amazing.     All in all a wonderful experience!

Mike (Washington)

 What a wonderful week of study of French I had , excellent cuisine, and super comfortable lodging. Looking for a week of language immersion with excellent instruction and access to sites near Fontainebleau?  This was super. 

 Fabienne has years of experience,  and the instruction geared around meals and two hours of teaching. It was excellent.  The lessons were tailored to my level, engaging, and fun. Meal periods were excellent:  super French cuisine (the host  can  adjust variably to dietary preferences )  and the conversation geared to practice conversation in French.  Fabienne was an excellent ambassador to my stay, the language, and French culture.  Fontainebleau is an interesting region and a short train ride to all the culture and events in Paris. Super location. The guest house so comfortable, with kitchen, sitting room, and patio.  I can highly recommend this program.

Harriett (New Jersey)

 Where do I begin? An immersion week, where I could speak and improve my French, had always been a dream of mine. However, for many reasons (including work, fear, Covid) I kept putting it off. Finally, I made the best decision and spent an unforgettable week in Bourron-Marlotte with Fabienne.

 Fabienne is a true teacher in every sense of the word. She is patient, she listens, she explains, and she encourages. She genuinely loves the French language and loves to teach. I formally studied French decades ago but never really felt comfortable having conversations with native French speakers. My week with Fabienne changed everything. I spent a week in Paris and Normandy after my immersion week. During that week I spoke French to everyone! Including a long-time French friend who said my progression in speaking French was truly “incroyable” It was the first time in over 40 years of friendship that we were able to have full conversations in French.

 Fabienne has both a structured and unstructured method to her teaching. We started the day with breakfast in her kitchen. Mornings involved conversations and some work in French.  Afternoons were different adventures each day, which included hikes in the beautiful surrounding forests, visits to Fountainebleau, Barbizon, local markets and the home of the French artist, Rosa Bonheur. Fabienne and I were able to discuss history, art, current events and life in general (all in French!). When I made mistakes, she corrected me and explained why. 

 The living accommodations were excellent. Having my own lovely little studio apartment which was attached to her home could not have worked out better. Also, Fabienne is an amazing cook who uses organic ingredients to create absolutely delicious meals. And she adapted everything to suit my dairy allergy.

 Meeting and spending some time with her lovely daughter, Elsa, was the icing on the cake. I truly could not have imagined anything better.

 Fabienne is a caring and kind person and I enjoyed every moment I spent with her. I have so many wonderful memories and truly treasure the time I spent with her.


Felicity (Miami/Singapour)


I highly recommend an immersion stay with Fabienne. Everything on her web page is accurate.

She is a kind, generous and effective teacher. She will definitely help you to improve your French, even during that one week stay.

I had been stuck at beginner’s French for several years. Although I know the words and phrases, I was intimidated to speak en français; and when I did, it was unintelligible to the French. After spending one week immersing in the French language with Fabienne, I am glad to say that when I returned to Paris for a week, I was able to order all my meals in French and, even to ask for directions from complete strangers and still be understood. Hooray!

The added bonus – Fabienne prepares tasty and healthy meals and, she plans daily excursions so everyday is a new discovery. It was a truly enjoyable and memorable experience pour moi.

Thanks again Fabienne!


Jeff (California)

En octobre dernier, j’ ai eu une semaine « French Immersion Homestay » à côté de Fontainebleau.  L’expérience était super. 

 La Prof, Fabienne, locutrice native de français, est excellent.  En enseignant les langues pour plus de vingt ans, elle a bien adapté les leçons selon mes besoins et mes buts.    Les conversations pendant les repas étaient absolument plaisant. 

Une vraie expérience d’immersion.  La cuisine française était délicieuse. 

La région autour de Fontainebleau est intéressant avec beaucoup de sites de l’histoire culturelle, et d’espaces de  nature.

Paris est très accessible par train.    

With Fabienne the lessons were very focused, engaging, and relaxed. Simply put, a nice learning environment.

 Regarding the accommodations, the studio was very comfortable with a full kitchen, living room area and patio: very relaxing and private.  I can fully recommend this immersion program; the location, the teaching and the accommodations are wonderful.



Evelyn (Hong-Kong)


“J’ai passé une semaine incroyable avec Fabienne et sa jolie fille, Elsa.   Elle était la professeure, l’hôtesse et l’amie tout à la fois.  Comme elle est vraiment passionnante sur l’art, et l’histoire, j’ai tellement appris d’elle. Nos conversations et nos sorties sont toujours intéressantes.

 Fontainebleau est une ville magnifique, en particulier, à Bourron- Marlotte qui a une riche culture, des belles maisons plein d’histoires car pendant l’époque vivaient des célèbres écrivains et des peintres. Je me sentais chanceuse de visiter cette belle région qui m’a totalement enthousiasmée.

 Il y a plus de trésors à découvrir encore et j’ai hâte de revenir au plus vite – d’apprendre, de parler et surtout passer du temps ensemble avec Fabienne. 

 Merci Fabienne et Elsa pour les bons souvenirs. “




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