French Immersion in Bordeaux, France

€1400 Per Week

  • 15 hours of one-on-on French lessons
  • 2 bedrooms, 1 private bathroom
  • 2 per day with active French conversations
  • 2 excursions in Bordeaux region with guided French practice
  • 1 to 4 traveling together
Imagine Practicing your French while sipping on a world-renowned Bordeaux French wine...    The beautiful town of Bordeaux is an acclaimed tourist destination, and with a French immersion homestay at your own French teacher, you could immerse in the French language, learning French and living an authentic French life. We are currently seeking French immersion hosts and/or teachers in Bordeaux: we could put you in touch with your customers!


Private Bathroom
Teaches Adults & Children
Multiple Bedrooms
Pets Allowed
Public Transportation
Wheelchair Accessible
Free Parking
Vegan Option

Types of Courses Offered: French Conversation, Professional French, Exams preparation…

Teacher Certifications: Experienced French teacher who speak French and English, dynamic host families, French language guides and FLE professionals

Extra Activities/Options: Maybe there will be an angle to your French immersion: wine tasting, foodie option with French cooking classes, yoga and meditation, sports...

Meet - your French tutor, language buddy & host In France

We have a couple of immersion programs close to Bordeaux :  please check our French immersion in France listing to find out more.

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have any French immersion teacher in Bordeaux itself: if you know someone who could be interested, please tell them to contact us!

French Today is responsible for thousands of immersion stays at teachers’ houses: we reach millions of French learners per year, and have developed a faithful, highly motivated audience eager to find their dream French language immersion teacher. Let us help you!

Many French learners want to travel to France to enjoy the French culture and practice their French language skills. However, whether you are traveling alone or with your family, it’s not always possible to find a French speaker willing to engage in a conversation at your current French level… In large cities, many French people will be eager to practice their English and switch to English. In smaller towns or in the countryside where fewer people speak English, the locals may not be able to simplify the way they speak so you can understand them.


French Today’s immersion program is the solution! We’ll put you in touch with experienced and motivated immersion professionals who will gently encourage you to practice your French. Whether they are certified or simply experienced French teachers, or friendly language buddy, they will help you gain confidence in speaking French.

Some French language professionals will welcome you into their own home, and share their daily lives with you. They may have several rooms and be able to welcome a larger group: maybe friends traveling together or a family with children. Some may even have children of their own. Others will simply meet you with a couple of hours each day and help you practice your French in lively conversations, with or without formal French lessons. 

Your own French tutor may also take you to practice your French “in context”, and show you the secret spots of their region. Some may offer special options such as cooking or yoga classes : a great way to entice you to speak French!

If you are interested in listing your French language immersion program with French Today, please contact us

The French immersion teacher we list use all kinds of different French teaching methods, however many trust our own French Audiobook Learning Method. If you’d like to study during your immersion stay with our “À Moi Paris” method, it’s possible!

Learn French In France – Your French immersion Program in Bordeaux

With its 350 historical monuments, bounty of cultural events, world-class shopping, high-tech public transport and gastronomic heaven, Bordeaux is a vibrant city which attracts many tourists.

Did you know an affectionate nickname for the city of Bordeaux is Petit Paris (meaning Little Paris). With three beautiful universities, neat avenues, open squares, and ornate architecture, the city definitely has an international vibe.

Located on the banks of the river Garonne, Bordeaux is known to be a flat city: it’s easy to leisurely stroll the city as you practice your French with your dedicated French tutor. There are also many interesting day trips to be taken: the countryside and its numerous vineyards are all around the city!

Your French Immersion Homestay Accommodations in Bordeaux

As I explained above, we are looking for French immersion professionals in Bordeaux - and the rest of France! 

Your French teacher may welcome you into their own apartment or house in your own private and comfortable quarters, or simply join you for a couple of hours each day as you rent your own place.

Some have the best of both worlds: a private house on their property for their French immersion students.

Contact - your French tutor, language buddy & host

French Immersion in Bordeaux

Email Directly

NOTE: All immersion teachers/hosts are completely independent of French Today. All communication, transactions and contracts will be exclusively done between you and the immersion teacher/host.

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