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French Immersion Program FAQ

Tips and FAQ to choose the right French teacher/host for your French immersion residential stay

Thank you for considering a French immersion residential homestay with the teachers and hosts referred by French Today.

If you have a preferred destination, please look at our interactive map

Then I suggest you carefully read your selected teachers/hosts’ immersion program to see how many outings they offer, how many hours of French lessons, their guest accommodation description…

The “contact teacher” button will then either direct you to the teachers/hosts’ own website, or open an email message with their address filled in.

The teachers/hosts are flexible, and at your service: their ultimate goal is to help you enjoy an unforgettable learning vacation. They are all independent workers and are not employees of French Today: please contact them directly to inquire about their availabilities, options, fees.

General Questions:

1. Who lives in the countryside/small town/large City

Who lives in the countryside?

Who lives in a small town?

Who lives in a large city?

2. Will I be the only student?

Yes, you will. Unless you travel with your own partner, friends or family, you will be the only immersion student there.

This is not a group lesson / school type experience.

3. Will I choose and contact the teacher/host directly?

Yes, at French Today, we believe you have the right to choose the best course for you, and won’t randomly pair you with teachers according to their availability like most immersion programs typically do. 

Once you’ve selected the right teachers/hosts, you will be able to contact them directly through the contact button on each teacher/host page. This contact button will take you to the teacher/host own website or open an email with their address already filled-in.

4. How long in advance should I book my trip?

As much as you can! Because of the success and excellent reputation of our immersion program, teachers get booked six months to one year ahead of time (or more, especially during the summer months!)

5. Do the teachers/hosts speak English?

Yes, most of them are really fluent in English, some are just conversant, but they all speak enough English to help you arrange your trip, explain a grammar rule in English if need be to beginner students, and be a good host to your accompanying non-francophone friends / family members.

6. Do you have a calendar of availability?

No, I’m sorry, we don’t. Please contact the teacher/host directly to inquire.

7. Will the teachers/hosts cook for me?

Yes. Cooking and sharing meals together are great opportunities to get to know a person and practice your French! 

The teachers/hosts are often great cooks and typically offer 2 meals per day and access to a kitchen for the 3rd meal. 

Many teachers/hosts would be flexible on this point and could cook more or less depending on your needs. Please talk to them directly to discuss your options.

8. What if I need to postpone or cancel my trip?

All teachers/hosts we recommend are independent workers. You will sign with them an agreement which will clearly explain their postponing and cancelation policy. 

Teachers/Hosts Specifications

1. Will I need to rent a car?

Teachers can typically arrange to pick you up at the nearest train station, and take you wherever you really need to go in their own car if there is no public transportation available. 

However, if you select a countryside location, renting a car will give you much more freedom and flexibility to explore the region. 

2. Can the teachers/hosts cook specific diets?

As I said above, enjoying great home cooked meals will be an important part of your immersion experience! 

All the teachers/hosts can provide a vegetarian diet with guidance. Some of them are vegetarian or flexitarian themselves.

For more precise diets such as vegan, gluten or dairy-free, or special food allergies, please ask the teacher/host directly. 

Cooking and planning the meals is a big part of the teachers/hosts routine. Please always let them know if you have any kind of special diet requirement or food allergy prior to booking with them. 

3. Who doesn’t teach every level of student

Some teachers/hosts are more comfortable and adapted to hosting students above a certain French level:
click here to figure out what A2, B1+ mean and your own French level

4. Will the teachers teach children and teens? 

Most teachers are trained to teach children and teens, and will provide a safe and wonderful immersion experience to them. 

The teachers/hosts will welcome young children and young teens accompanied by an adult – who may not take lessons but still enjoy the vacation part of the immersion! 

Please briefly talk about your child/teen and his/her French level and goals when you submit your immersion request.

5. Will the teachers welcome pets? 

Students usually love the company of a French pet! Pets are such good company at the end of a productive day of immersion.

Please consult each program for more information and always let your teacher/host know if you plan on traveling with your pet since they will need to know more about him/her before making the decision to welcome him/her into their own home.

6. Do teachers offer 3 meals per day?

The teachers/hosts typically provide 2 meals per day, but most would be flexible on this point and could cook more or less depending on your needs. Please talk to them directly to discuss your options.

7. What about accommodation?

All teachers/hosts are eager to provide their guests with cozy and private accommodation. 

Some guests prefer living totally immersed within the family, and will favor a program with a guest bedroom (usually with a private bathroom) inside a teacher’s house/flat. 

If you’d enjoy a bit more privacy, some teachers have built a private bungalow in their own garden, or have a dedicated studio for their immersion students.

No matter the style of accommodation you choose, you are sure to enjoy a comfortable stay and experience a true French immersion experience since you’ll be sharing meals and spending a lot of time with your teacher/host.

Please refer to each teacher/host program description for pictures and precise information about accommodation.

I hope this Q&A will help you choose the very best candidate for your immersion stay.

And if you cannot travel to one of our immersion teacher’s home soon, why not learn French from home?

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