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Homestays Availabilities

Thank you for inquiring about the French immersion programs recommended by French Today.

Since processing a booking takes a bit of time, a week listed as available here may be in process of being booked.

Most teachers accept bookings way ahead of time, especially in the summertime: if you are looking to book in the distant future, please contact the teachers to inquire further.

Please contact each host individually: follow the link to their page, read their program description and fill in the contact form.

Chantal in Picardie

November 10-16
December 1-14/ 22-28

Chloé in Dordogne

August 25-31

Eliane in the Somme Region

October 13-19 , 27-31
November 1-17
December 2-21

Emilie in the Pyrénées Mountains

December 8-21
February 9-29

Evelyne in Basque Country

November 17-30
December 1-15
January 12-31

Françoise in Paris 17th

October 22-31
November 14-24

Hélène in Lyon

September 23-30
October 7-21
November 1-30
December 1-22

Geneviève in Nice

December 1-14

Isabelle in Arcachon

October 2-31
November 1-30
December 1-15

Julie in Avignon

October 27-2
November 3-23
December 8-14

Marion in Beaujolais Region

November 3-30
December 1-8

Nathalie in the Loiret

September 23-29
October 8-31
November 1-15

Pierre in Tarn-et-Garonne

November 16-30
December 8-24
January 4-31
February 1-28

Raymonde in French Speaking Switzerland

October 6-26
November 1-30
December 1-21

Suzanne in Northern Brittany

November 10-30
December 1-21
January 5 -31

Virginie near Aix-En-Provence

November 4-16
November 19-30
December 1-13 ; 16-21

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