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Paris Métro Stations Pronunciation – Line Nine – Pont de Sèvres – Mairie de Montreuil

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis on October 2, 2017
Paris Métro Line 9 Stations Pronunciation

Would you know how to pronounce “Ranelagh” or “Oberkampf”? What about “Buzenval” “La Muette” “Auteuil” or “Montreuil”? Learn the French pronunciation of Paris subway stations for line number nine: “Pont de Sèvres – Mairie de Montreuil”. Free audio recording of the Paris métro line 9.

1 – The Paris Subway –  Line Nine

The line 9 of the Paris subway system is certainly the one offering the most challenging names of stations!

Among the busiest ones, with its 38 stations, “la ligne de métro numéro neuf” is rather long, and goes to several places of interests.

The Parc des Princes football stadium  can be reached by getting off at the station “Porte de Saint Cloud”. The “Michel-Ange Auteuil” station will give you access to the gorgeous Parc de Saint Cloud.

Get off at the “Trocadéro” or “Place d’Iéna” stations for a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. Continuing along the Seine, the “Alma Marceau” stop is located a few meters from “the Palais de Tokyo”. Get off at this station to go through the main avenues and reach the “Champs Elysées” and the “Arc de Triomphe”. It’s an excellent solution for a walk in the capital.

If you want to get there faster, however, all you have to do is stop at the “Franklin D. Roosevelt station” on the Champs Elysees, at the corner of Jardin de la Nouvelle France. It is also the métro stop for the Grand and Petit Palais.

Going further south of the city, line 9 runs along “boulevard Haussmann” via five stations: St. Augustine, Havre – Caumartin, Chaussée d’Antin – La Fayette, Richelieu – Drouot and finally Grands Boulevards. Line 9 will allow you to go faster to the section of the boulevard where you want to go.

2 – Carte du Métro – Ligne Neuf

paris metro station pronunciation ligne 9


Now let’s study how to pronounce the Paris subway stations.

3 – French Subway Stations Pronunciation – Ligne 9

L5 + L6

À Moi Paris Method - Upper Intermediate

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  1. Pont de Sèvres
  2. Billancourt
  3. Marcel Semblat
  4. Porte de Saint-Cloud
  5. Exelmans
  6. Michel-Ange – Molitor
  7. Michel-Ange – Auteuil
  8. Jasmin
  9. Ranelagh
  10. La Muette
  11. Rue de la Pompe
  12. Trocadéro
  13. Iéna
  14. Alma – Marceau
  15. Franklin D Roosevelt
  16. Saint-Philippe du Roule
  17. Miromesnil
  18. Saint-Augustin
  19. Havre – Caumartin
  20. Chaussée d’Antin – La Fayette
  21. Richelieu – Drouot
  22. Grands Boulevards
  23. Bonne-Nouvelle
  24. Strasbourg – Saint-Denis
  25. République
  26. Oberkampf
  27. Saint-Ambroise
  28. Voltaire
  29. Charonne
  30. Rue des Boulets
  31. Nation
  32. Buzenval
  33. Maraîchers
  34. Porte de Montreuil
  35. Robespierre
  36. Croix de Chavaux
  37. Mairie de Montreuil

4 – Paris Métro Tip 9

It was in 1968 that the idea of ​​”cultural station” was born, following the idea of André Malraux (writer and politician), then in charge of the cultural affairs of the government.

Little by little, the stations were no longer seen as mere points of passage, but as places of life that could also tell the story of Paris.

So take advantage of your multiple trips in the Paris métro to stop in some of the most beautiful resorts in Paris. Here are some of my favourites – go to the end of this article for a video.

  1. Arts et Métiers station – the quay is completely covered with riveted brass plates, and the portholes are a trip into Jules Verne’s Nautilus.
  2. Station Concorde- you’ll read on the white tile “the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen”. Each tile houses a letter that put end to end (there is no punctuation) will reveal this founding text of the French Republic.
  3. Station Palais-Royal-Musée-du-Louvre – it is the access to the métro (Place Colette) that deserves special attention. In a style very different from “Art Nouveau” arches made by Guimard that are everywhere else, it is made up of gigantic glass beads that form a kiosk: controversial work of Jean-Michel Othoniel (called the ” kiosk of the Noctambulists “).


5 – Most Beautiful Paris Métro Subway Stations

6 – Learn the Pronunciation of the Paris Métro Stations

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