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Paris Métro Stations Pronunciation – Line Five – Bobigny Pablo Picasso – Place d’Italie

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis on December 2, 2017
Paris Métro Line 5 Stations Pronunciation

Learn how to pronounce the Paris subway stations of “la ligne cinq” (Paris métro line five): “Bobigny Pablo Picasso – Place d’Italie”. Learn the right pronunciation of the Paris métro station names from a Parisian native + Paris subway maps + tips on how to politely ride the Parisian subway.

1 – The Paris Subway –  Line Five

The Paris subway line five will take you to four railway stations: “la gare d’Austerlitz, la gare de l’Est et la garde du Nord” !

This Paris métro line goes over the river Seine with a bridge build by Mr. Eiffel, offering a nice view of the city.

Some of the stations of line five are a real pronunciation challenge: how would you pronounce “Ourcq” or “Oberkampf”? Find out below with my clear audio recording of the Paris subway stations or “la ligne cinq”.

Now let’s study how to pronounce the Paris subway stations.

2 – How to Pronounce the Paris Subway Line Five Stations – Audio Recording

Click on the audio bar to play the audio recording of the Paris métro stations for line number five.

  1. Bobigny – Pablo Picasso
  2. Bobigny Pantin – Raymond Queneau
  3. Eglise de Pantin Hoche
  4. Porte de Pantin
  5. Ourcq
  6. Laumière
  7. Jaurès
  8. Stalingrad
  9. Gare du Nord
  10. Gare de l’Est
  11. Jacques Bonsergent
  12. République
  13. Oberkampf
  14. Richard-Lenoir
  15. Bréguet-Lenoir
  16. Bréguet – Sabin
  17. Bastille
  18. Quai de la râpée
  19. Gare d’Austerlitz
  20. Saint-Marcel
  21. Campo-Formio
  22. Place d’Italie

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3 – Paris Métro Tip 5

During rush hour, you should not use the foldable seats that are located by the subway doors. These are fine to use when there is plenty of space, but you should stand when there are plenty of people.

Otherwise, don’t hesitate to offer your seat to an elderly person or a pregnant woman, or someone traveling with a baby… You can say with a smile: “vous voulez vous asseoir ?” This kind gesture will show that you master French politeness and you’ll notice plenty of appreciative glances all around you! Good tourist points!


4 – Learn the Pronunciation of the Paris Métro Stations

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