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Paris Métro Stations Pronunciation – Line Three & 3bis – Pont de Levallois – Gallieni

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis on January 2, 2018
Paris Métro Line 3 Stations Pronunciation

French pronunciation of all the Paris subway stations of “la ligne trois” and “la ligne trois bis” (Paris métro line 3 and 3 bis): “Pont de Levallois – Gallieni”. Clear audio recordings + Paris subway maps + tips on how to avoid thieves on the Parisian subway.

1 – The Parisian Subway –  Ligne Trois and  3 bis

This métro line crosses the North of Paris from west to east, going through the large department store district  “les grands magasins” (“Les Galeries Lafayette”, “Le Printemps”) and the opera district (featuring the classic 1900 Paris Opera, “l’Opéra Garnier”).

The stations “Temple” and “Republique” will give you access to the historic “Marais” neighborhood, as well as Paris newer “opéra Bastille”.

The “Gambetta” station undertook a major renovation and now gives access to the extension of the line number three, judiciously called “3 bis”, which will take you to “la Porte des Lilas”… “The Lilac doorway” a pretty name for a pretty industrial neighborhood.

Now let’s study how to pronounce the Paris subway stops of the line number three.

2 – Paris Métro Stops Pronunciation – Line 3 & 3 bis

Please, click on the audio bar to play the audio recording of the Paris métro stations of line number 3 and 3bis.

  1. Pont de Levallois Bécon
  2. Anatole France
  3. Louise Michel
  4. Porte de Champerret
  5. Pereire
  6. Wagram
  7. Malesherbes
  8. Villiers
  9. Europe
  10. Saint-Lazare
  11. Opéra
  12. Quatre-Septembre
  13. Bourse
  14. Sentier
  15. Réaumur–Sébastopol
  16. Arts et Métiers
  17. Temple
  18. République
  19. Parmentier
  20. Rue Saint-Maur
  21. Père Lachaise
  22. Gambetta
  23. Porte de Bagnolet
  24. Gallieni – Parc de Bagnolet

French Métro Stations Names – Ligne 3 Bis

  1. Gambetta
  2. Pelleport
  3. Saint-Fargeau
  4. Porte des Lilas

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3 – Paris Métro Tip 3

Mind your belongings when riding the Paris subway. Unfortunately, there are many pickpockets, and they are extremely good at getting to your wallet, even if it’s in your front pocket or in your purse…. So wear your backpack on the front, on your torso, carry a purse which zips and keep you arm over it at all times.

Be also careful with your smartphone. Unfortunately, thieves are now grabbing fancy smartphones and running away. So only look at your smartphone is “secure” situations, when you can hold it with both hands – not as you’re are climbing down the stairs…

Be aware of your surroundings. If you look aware, you are less likely to become the target of pickpockets. Unfortunately, this is also a question of pure (bad) luck!

4 – Clear Recordings of the Paris Métro Station Names

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