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Paris Métro Stations Pronunciation – Line Two – Porte Dauphine – Nation

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis on January 15, 2018
Paris Métro Line 2 Stations Pronunciation

Learn the right French pronunciation of all the Paris subway station names of “la ligne deux” (Paris métro line two): “Porte Dauphine / Nation” with a Paris native free and clear recordings of the Paris métro stop names + Paris subway maps + tips on how to ride the Parisian subway.

1 – “Le Métro” –  Ligne Deux

“La ligne 2” of the Paris subway is the second oldest Paris métro line of the network, and it’s quite special since the train gets out of the ground from “Barbès Rochechouart” station to the “Jaurès” stop offering a nice view of the city.

The station “Anvers” will give you accès to “Montmartre”, and the “Père Lachaise” stop to the famous eponym cemetery. The second line of the Paris subway stops at “Charles de Gaulle Étoile” offering a convenient alternative to the “ligne 1” which can get crowded during rush hour.

Now let’s study how to pronounce the Paris subway stations.

2 – French Métro Stations Name Pronunciation – Ligne 2 – Audio Recording

Click on the audio bar to play the audio recording of the Paris métro stations for line number 2.

  1. Porte Dauphine
  2. Victor Hugo
  3. Charles de Gaulle Etoile
  4. Ternes
  5. Courcelles
  6. Monceau
  7. Villiers
  8. Rome
  9. Place de Clichy
  10. Blanche
  11. Pigalle
  12. Anvers
  13. Barbès Rochechouart
  14. La Chapelle
  15. Stalingrad
  16. Jaurès
  17. Colonel Fabien
  18. Belleville
  19. Couronnes
  20. Ménilmontant
  21. Père Lachaise
  22. Philippe Auguste
  23. Alexandre Dumas
  24. Avron
  25. Nation

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3 – Paris Métro Tip 2 – How to Connect Between Trains on the Paris Subway

If you are riding the Paris subway, it’s likely you will have to make connections (une correspondance). If it’s a short one, you’re in luck! Just be aware that some are very long and involve a lot of stairs… So sometimes, you’ll be better off walking in the street, and enjoying the “fresh” air of Paris, rather than making a long connection underground (+ stairs!!) for only one or two stops…

If you do have to make a connection, on the map, look carefully at the line; each station is indicated by a point on the line. If two lines cross, you have a white circle (or an oval), which indicates the possibility of changing from one line to another. It is there that you should exit your train, walk through the halls and follow the signs that will indicate the path to your connecting train.

For example, if you are in the subway at the “George 5” station on line 1, and you want to go to “Opéra,” you must go in the direction of “ligne 1 – Château de Vincennes” then, change at the station “Concorde,” go in the direction of “ligne 7 – La Courneuve” and get off at “Opéra.”
There are also great apps to po prepare your subway trip.


4 – Learn The Right Pronunciation for the Paris Métro Station Names

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