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Paris Métro Stations Pronunciation – Line One – La Défense – Château de Vincenne

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis on February 4, 2018
Paris Métro Line 1 Stations Pronunciation

How do you pronounce the Paris métro stations in French? Learn the correct French pronunciation of all the Paris subway station names of “la ligne un” (Paris métro line 1): “La Défense / Château de Vincenne” with my free clear audio recordings. Learn how to say “Champs-Elysées” in French!

1 – Paris Subway “Le Métro” –  Ligne Un

“La ligne 1” of the Paris subway is the oldest Paris métro line and probably the most useful to tourists: it crosses all Paris in its middle, following the Seine river for a while and therefore it’s the subway line to take to see the majority of the most famous Parisian places such as “les Champs Elysées”, la “Place de la Concorde”, “Le musée du Louvre”, “le Marais (Station Saint Paul)”…

At it’s very beginning, you’ll find “la Défense”, the newer, skyscraper Paris district, with it’s surprising “Grande Arche”. At the very end, “le bois de Vincenne” with its castle featuring a Medieval donjon and Renaissance buildings.

Please note the Paris subway is always expanding, especially the newer lines. The name of the métro stops may also change: subway stations get renamed.

So there may be a few variations from the latest Paris subway plan, but I believe my recordings will cover the large majority of the Paris subway stations, and you will hear the correct French pronunciation.

2 – Paris Métro Map – Line One

paris metro station pronunciation ligne 1

3 – French Métro Stations Name Pronunciation – Line 1 – Audio Recording

Click on the audio link to play the audio recording of the Paris métro stations.

  1. La Défense – Grande Arche
  2. Esplanade de la Défense
  3. Pont de Neuilly
  4. Les Sablons (Jardin d’Acclimatation)
  5. Porte Maillot
  6. Argentine
  7. Charles de Gaulle — Étoile
  8. George V
  9. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  10. Champs-Élysées — Clemenceau
  11. Concorde
  12. Tuileries
  13. Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre
  14. Louvre — Rivoli
  15. Châtelet
  16. Hôtel de Ville
  17. Saint-Paul (Le Marais)
  18. Bastille
  19. Gare de Lyon
  20. Reuilly — Diderot
  21. Nation
  22. Porte de Vincennes
  23. Saint-Mandé
  24. Bérault
  25. Château de Vincennes

L1 + L2

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4 – Tip 1 – How to use the Paris Métro

First time in the Paris Métro?
Look at your map: if your destination station is located on the same line, it is very easy; look for the sign that indicates the end station toward which you are headed, follow the signs until you reach the platform and get on the train. Then get off at your station and follow the signs that say “sortie” (exit).
For example, if you are in the subway, at the “George 5” station and you want to go to the “St. Paul” station, go in the direction of “Château de Vincennes” and it is a direct route. It is the ninth station after “George 5.”

Some Connections are VERY long (15 minutes + Many Stairs)

Avoid as much as possible “les correspondances” (changing lines). Although they look small on a map, they are often quite long in reality, and full of stairs. Especially in larger subway stations, when a transfer can easily take you 15 minute of fast walking. Following the signs to your line can end up being a real treasure hunt!

So, chances are that will save time if you walk a bit outside the subway to your destination, rather than making several transfers.

The Paris subway is often the faster way to go from point A to point B: no traffic jams. But between the long walks, the stairs, rush hours, the pickpockets, the beggars, the heat and the stench… it’s not necessarily the most comfortable one!

Follow the links to the other Paris subway lines for more tips on safely riding the Paris métro.


5 – Learn How to Pronounce the Paris Subway Station Names

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  14. Métro Line 14 French Pronunciation

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