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💁🏼‍♀️ Hair Colors in French – Video

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis - updated on Jun 17, 2020
Describing Hair Color Adjectives in French With Sims Video Game

Do you know what “elle a les cheveux châtains” means? Learn the French hair color vocabulary with a fun video using the popular video game The Sims in French.

Scroll to the end to see the video.

1 – French Mistake – Les Chevaux Versus Les Cheveux

In French, we have a special name for the hair which is on top of your head: “les cheveux”.

A single piece of hair would be “un cheveu” in the singular, but in French, when we refer to the ensemble of the hair, as in when you comb your hair, or style your hair, we use “cheveux” in the plural:

  • Des cheveux or les cheveux.

Not to be mistaken with un cheval and des chevaux which are horses…

2 – How Do You Say “What Color Is Her Hair in French?”

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  • Elle a les cheveux de quelle couleur ?
    What color is her hair?

You could also say:

  • De quelle couleur sont ses cheveux ?

However it’s a bit less common in French.

3 – Hair Is Plural In French: So Are The Verb And Adjective Describing It

Watch out that in French, “les cheveux” is plural… So whenever you refer to “hair” (singular in English), you’ll need to use a verb / French adjective in the plural.

And of course, like for most French adjectives, the adjective goes after the noun.

  • Elle a les cheveux blonds.
    She has blond hair.

You could say: “Ses cheveux sont blonds” but we prefer using the construction “elle a les cheveux + adjective” in French: “elle a les cheveux blonds“.

4 – Hair Colors in French

So now, let’s explore the different hair colors in French.

  1. Elle a les cheveux châtains.
    This color is very used in French and usually not known by students. It’s the equivalent of a dark blond, sort of a chestnut color.
  2. Elle a les cheveux bruns = elle est brune
    She has brown hair. She’s a brunette.
  3. Elle a les cheveux blonds = elle est blonde
    She has blond hair. She’s a blond.
  4. Elle a les cheveux roux = elle est rousse.
    She has red hair. She’s a redhead.
    Watch out, French has a specific adjective for red as a hair color : roux, and rousse.
    We do not use “rouge” unless the hair has been died in a bright crimson red color.
  5. Elle a les cheveux noirs.
    She has black hair.
    Watch out! We do not say “elle est noire” to talk about her hair color. “Elle est noire” means “she is black of skin”. And it is the politically correct term to use in French.
  6. Elle a les cheveux blancs.
    She has white hair.
    Same remark. Elle est blanche would refer to her skin color.
  7. Elle a les cheveux gris.
    She has grey hair.
  8. Elle a les cheveux poivre et sel.
    In English, you say “salt and pepper” but in French we say “pepper and salt”…
  9. Elle a des mèches bleues et violettes.
    She has blue and purple highlights.

Et vous ? Vous avez les cheveux de quelle couleur ?

Leave a comment in French – I always read the comments and answer them on my blog – your feedback is super important to me and it’s what fuels me to do more :-)

5 – Video of French Hair Color Vocabulary Using the Sims

And now, let’s see a video featuring the French vocabulary about the hair colors, and using The Sims 4.

If you are a teacher, please feel free to use this video in class, and share it with other teachers :-)

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