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Spectacular Day in the Lot-et-Garonne

Rebecca is in love with Lot-et-Garonne. She had a great immersion homestay at French teacher's Pierre, and enjoyed a spectacular day touring the Lot-et-Garonne. She'll share her impression and pictures with us in this easy French story with English translation. [Read More...]

How To Talk About Wine in French

Learn how to speak about wine in French with this French dialogue written in easy French and translated into English. Learn the French wine vocabulary in context, as well as typical questions and sentences you'll encounter during a wine tasting in France. [Read More...]

Vacances en Australie – Histoire En Français Facile

Dans mes histoires en français facile, je parle généralement de la France, ou au moins d'un pays où l'on parle français. Mais voilà : Danny, un étudiant en immersion chez Suzanne en Bretagne a écrit cette discussion sur des vacances en Australie... C'est intéressant et écrit en français facile. Alors pourquoi ne pas la partager avec vous ? [Read More...]

Talking About Cheese in French

Let's learn the French cheese vocabulary in the context of a French / English bilingual story taking place in a cheese shop (la fromagerie) in France. Learn how to talk about French cheese, the different types of French cheese and how to buy cheese in France in this easy and fun story. [Read More...]

Secrets of “Le Vieux Nice”

Nice is one of the most beautiful town of the French Riviera. But do you know why the streets of "le Vieux Nice" - the older Nice neighborhood - remain so cool, even in warmth of summertime? In this French English bilingual article, practice your French and discover the secrets of Nice. [Read More...]