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Launching Brand New Intermediate French Audio Method

Olivier Karfis By Olivier Karfis on June 19, 2015

This week we are releasing a brand new French audiobook that we have been working on for more than a year.  Ever since the release of our beginner French method last year, customers have asked us to create the next step… and here it is…

Learn French in context

Introducing a brand new low intermediate audio method based on the same characters from the À Moi Paris series. It’s recorded at 2 different speeds (a little slower one and a street French version) and also features an extensive study guide as well plenty of grammar/vocabulary exercises.

Other methods will have you learn tenses and grammar patterns you would never actually use at your lower intermediate level. Our method focuses instead on truly useful French vocabulary and core French grammar that you will actually need and use in your interactions.

Recorded at 2 different speeds

It’s more than 9 hours of audio and an accompanying PDF document of 182 pages.  It covers all kinds of real world situations including: describing and comparing people and things, setting an appointment in French, going to the gym, making various kinds of phone calls, getting ready for a party, ordering and commenting on food and lots more.

You can listen to samples below or go to the product page for more details

120 days guarantee

As usual, the product is available for purchase individually or along with other audiobooks in cost-saving bundles. And like every single one of our products, it comes with a 120 days 100% money-back guarantee.

We’re very very proud of it, I hope you’ll like it too…


Sample part of the À Moi Paris Level 3 PDF

Sample a part of chapter 10 – Slower:

Sample a part of chapter 10 – Street French:

Sample a part of chapter 10 – Study Guide:

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Your first French Audiobook is on us! 😉

Download our 2.5-hour audiobook and see how different and efficient our method is. Available for iOS and Android as well as Mac and Windows.

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