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French Humor + English Translation + Audio Recording

By Mostafa Abedinifard on Aug 19, 2013

Jokes and puns in French are a fun way to train on your speaking abilities and pronunciation: memorize them by heart, and then tell them to your French speaking friends, or your classmates. It’s a good way to start the day!

How To Study French With French Jokes

Here are my French tips to better your French:

  1. Listen to the audio without reading the transcript
  2. If you don’t get it, read the French transcript as you are listening to the audio of the joke (repeat as needed)
  3. As a last resort, read the English translation. Then listen to the audio again.
  4. Make sure your make French flashcards to memorise the new vocabulary.

First French Joke With Audio


Papa, pourquoi la mer est salée ?
– Je ne sais pas !
– Et le ciel, Papa, pourquoi est-il bleu ?
– Je ne sais pas !
– Papa, comment apparaissent les arcs-en-ciel ?
– Je ne sais pas !
– Papa, est-ce que je t’embête avec mes questions ?
– Non, pas du tout ! Continue à poser des questions, c’est comme ça que tu vas t’instruire !


Daddy, why is the sea salty?
– I don’t know!
– And the sky, Dad, why is it blue?
– I don’t know!
– Daddy, how do the rainbows appear?
– I don’t know!
– Dad, am I bothering you with my questions?
– No, not at all! Keep asking questions; that’s how you’ll educate yourself!

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Second French Joke With Audio

Histoire vraie

Une Maman dit à sa fille :
– Viens Lisa, on va changer ton petit frère.
– Pourquoi ? Il est déjà usé ?

True story

A mother tells her daughter:
– Come Lisa, we’re going to change your little brother.
– Why? Is he already worn-out?


Third French Joke With Audio

Monsieur et Madame Joke

Monsieur et madame “Robe” ont un fils comment s’appelle t-il?

Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. “Robe” have a son; what’s his name?


= Mick Robe is pronounced like microbe !!!

Watch out to pronounce “Mick” the French way, “meek”, like Mick Jagger, and “robe” like “rub” for it to work in French).

I guess this joke works in English too… but the name would be Mike to match the English pronunciation :-)

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