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Easy French Practice

French Riddles, Jokes and Puns – 11 (with audio)

By Mostafa Abedinifard on July 15, 2013

Jokes and puns in French are a fun way to train on your speaking abilities and pronunciation: memorize them by heart, and then tell them to your French speaking friends, or your classmates. It’s a good way to start the day!

How To Study French With These French Jokes?

First, listen to the audio of the French joke without reading the text.

Repeat a couple of times and see if you can understand. If not, first look at the French transcript of the joke while the audio is playing: did you get it this time?

As a last ressort, look at the translation and of course, learn the new words of vocabulary if need be!

More tips about how to improve your French comprehension in this article.

French Joke: Devinette

Je suis une petite pierre blanche qui tombe dans une mer noire. Un tourbillon argenté, et je disparais. Qui suis-je?

Un morceau de sucre.


Low Intermediate & Above

French Verb Drills - Volume 1


I’m a tiny rock that falls into a black sea. [There is] a silvery whirlpool and I disappear. Who am I?

A sugar cube.


French Joke: Jeu de mot

Maman comment cherche-t-on un mot dans le dictionnaire ?
– Par exemple, tu cherches “miel” à “m”… et pour épinard ???
– Je cherche à “aime pas”.

French Pun

Hence will not work in English…

Mommy, how do you look words up in a dictionary?
– For example, you look “honey” under “h”… and for spinach ???
– I [would] look up “dislike”.
[“M” sounds like “aime” = like]


French Joke: Distance

C’est une femme qui dit à une amie :
– Mon fils marche depuis qu’il a 4 mois.
– Eh bien, il doit être loin maintenant !


A woman tells a friend:
– My son has been walking since he is four months old.
– Gee, he must be far now!

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