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Who is Toto in French Jokes?

By Mostafa Abedinifard on August 20, 2014
Who is Toto in French Jokes

Today, we’ll cover more of France most popular joker: Toto!
Listen to these famous Toto jokes in French, with English translation and clear French audio.

Who is Toto in French Jokes?

“Toto” jokes are very popular jokes among elementary school children, and there are thousands of them. They also have been part of the French culture for a while.

“Toto” is a young school boy, an impertinent dunce, who talks back and is lazy but usually not mean – I believe his name would be “Little Johnny” in English.

Most jokes revolve around school, homework, talking back to adults and are very short and use colloquial language.

“Toto” is always represented with this drawing : zero + zero = la tête à Toto !! (0 plus 0 equals Toto’s head, see drawing).

You’ll find more Toto joke with audio in these posts on French Today, although you’ll also find some scattered through the whole series!

How To Study French With French Jokes

Here are my French tips to better your French:

  1. Listen to the audio without reading the transcript
  2. If you don’t get it, read the French transcript as you are listening to the audio of the joke (repeat as needed)
  3. As a last resort, read the English translation. Then listen to the audio again.
  4. Make sure your make French flashcards to memorise the new vocabulary.

First French Toto Joke

L1 + L2

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La maîtresse à Toto:
-Toto, cite-moi deux pronoms.
-Qui, moi?
-Très bien.

English Translation

The teacher to Toto:
Toto, mention two pronouns.
Toto: Who? Me?
Teacher: Great!

toto french joke English translation audio

Second French Toto Joke

Toto achète une paire de lacets.
– “Et avec ça ?” Demande le vendeur.
– “Avec ça, je vais attacher mes chaussures” …

English Translation

Toto buys a pair of shoelaces.
The seller asks, “Et avec ça?” [meaning, “Anything else?”; but literally, meaning “and with that?”]
“[Well,] with that, I’m going to tie up my shoes.”

Third French Toto Joke

[adblock]La maîtresse demande à Toto :
– Peux- tu nous citer les quatres éléments ?
– Euh… Oui. Le feu.
– Oui.
– La terre.
– Oui.
– Le vent ?
– Oui, enfin, l’air.
– Et euh ….
– Celui qui te sert à te laver …
– Ah oui le savon !

English Translation

The teacher asks Toto:
– Could you name the four elements [for] us?
– Eh … yes. Fire.
– Yes.
– Earth.
– Yes.
– Wind?
– Yes, well, Air.
– And eh …
– That which you use to wash yourself with …
– Oh, yes, soap!

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