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Easy French Practice & Bilingual French Stories

Bilingual French Jokes and Puns + Audio

By Mostafa Abedinifard on January 20, 2014
French Jokes and Puns bilingual english translation audio

Bilingual and clean French Jokes and puns for the whole family, translated into English and clearly recorded by a native French speaker. A fun way to practice your French today!

How To Study French With French Jokes

Here are my French tips to better your French:

  1. Listen to the audio without reading the transcript
  2. If you don’t get it, read the French transcript as you are listening to the audio of the joke (repeat as needed)
  3. As a last resort, read the English translation. Then listen to the audio again.
  4. Make sure your make French flashcards to memorise the new vocabulary.

French Joke Number 1

L1 + L2

À Moi Paris Method – Beginner

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La maman de Toto:
– Toto, où est la passoire ?
– Je l’ai jetée, elle était pleine de trous!


Toto’s mom:
– Toto, where is the strainer?
– I threw it away; it was full of holes!


French Riddle Number 2

J’ai un bras, trois têtes, et quatre jambes. Qui suis-je ?
– Un menteur.

I have a hand, three heads, and four legs. What/who am I?
– A liar.


French Joke Number 3


– Pourquoi les éléphants ne peuvent pas avoir un ordinateur ?
– Parce qu’il ont peur des souris!

Guessing game

– Why is it that elephants can’t have computer?
– Because they fear mice !

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