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Meet Toto – Famous French Joke Kid

By Mostafa Abedinifard on March 20, 2012

Time to introduce you to Toto, the most famous French kid in French joke history! A fun French practice for the whole family.

Toto = The French Joke Equivalent of Little Johnny

“Toto” is a young school boy, an impertinent dunce, who talks back and is lazy but usually not mean – I believe his name would be “Little Johnny” in English.

Most jokes revolve around school, homework, talking back to adults and are very short and use colloquial language.

“Toto” is always represented with this drawing : zero + zero = la tête à Toto !! (0 plus 0 equals Toto’s head, see drawing).

“Toto” jokes are very popular jokes among elementary school children, and there are thousands of them. They also have been part of the French culture for a while.

You’ll find more Toto joke with audio in these posts on French Today, although you’ll also find some scattered through the whole series!

toto french joke English translation audio

How To Study French With French Jokes

Here are my French tips to better your French:

  1. Listen to the audio without reading the transcript
  2. If you don’t get it, read the French transcript as you are listening to the audio of the joke (repeat as needed)
  3. As a last resort, read the English translation. Then listen to the audio again.
  4. Make sure your make French flashcards to memorise the new vocabulary.

French Joke 1 – Toto rentre de l’école :

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– Papa! Tu vas être fier de moi! J’ai été le seul à répondre à la question du maître!
– Et c’etait quoi la question?
– C’était: qui a posé une punaise sur ma chaise?

Toto comes back from school:

– Daddy! You’re gonna be proud of me! I was the only one who answered the teacher’s question!
– And what was the question?
– It was: “Who put a tack on my chair?”

French Joke 2 – La Maman de Toto lui demande:

– Alors Toto, tu as appris beaucoup de choses à l’école aujourd’hui?
– Pas assez en tout cas, ils veulent que j’y retourne demain.

Toto’s Mom asks him:

– So, Toto, did you learn a lot of things at school today?
– Not enough, I guess [literally “anyways”], because they want me to go back tomorrow.

French Joke 3 – La maîtresse demande:

– Toto, avoue que ton père t’a aidé à faire ton devoir.
– NON! M’dame, je vous jure!
– Sur ?
– Ah ça, j’en suis sur… Il l’a fait tout seul …

The teacher asks [Toto]:

– Toto, [do you] admit that your father helped you with your homework?
– No! Miss, I swear he didn’t!
– [Are you] sure?
– Oh, yeah; I’m sure… He did it all by himself …

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