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L’Abbaye de Beauport – French Story + Translation + Video

Camille Chevalier-Karfis By Camille Chevalier-Karfis - updated on Jul 16, 2020
abbaye de beauport paimpol learn french

Practice your French with this video in easy French and discover the Beauport Abbaye in Paimpol.

Bonjour à tous !

Time for another video in easy French. This time I am taking your to l’Abbaye de Beauport in my hometown of Paimpol, Brittany.

1 – How to Pronounce Abbaye in French

I suggest you watch the video since having the audio will help!

  • Abbaye = a bé i

The “y” acts like 2 i’s. The first one pairs with the secon a of Abbaye to make a sound “é” and then there is one “i” left !

Wait a minute? Isn’t “ai” in French pronounced like an open “è” sound? Yes, it should. Now, it’s a sound that is being butchered a lot by the French: lazy mouth habits, we don’t open our mouth as much as we should and then the è sounds like an é…

Try to say “a bè i”… it’s quite a mouthful! So I think that this word probably switched pronunciation naturally to accommodate how people were saying it: “a bé i” (just a theory of mine though…)

Watch out – a French “i” sounds like “ee” in English. It’s a long sound!

You also need to be careful about your liaisons and elisions in front of this word which starts with a consonant:

Une N-abbaye
Des Z-abbayes

2 – L’Abbaye de Beauport Video Vocabulary

All Levels Audio Novel

Une Semaine à Paimpol

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  1. longer – to walk along something
  2. la côte – the coastline
  3. le chemin – the path
  4. mener – to lead
  5. être refait – to be redone
  6. la marée haute/ basse – high / low tide
  7. y – this letter is called “i grec” in French (Greek i)
  8. dater du – to date back to
  9. être en ruine – to be in ruins, barely standing
  10. ça fait rêver – it makes you dream
  11. N’est-ce pas ? – right? Doesn’t it?
  12. Un puits – a well – note this “puits” ends in a silent “ts” and has the same plural form
  13. Une glycine – wisteria

3 – Abbaye de Beauport Easy French Video

You may turn the French/English subtitles on/off with the options located on the bottom right of the Youtube screen.

4 – Abbaye de Beauport Pictures

abbaye de beauport paimpol learn french 2

La glycine blanche

abbaye de beauport paimpol learn french 3

La vue de l’Abbaye de Beauport le soir

abbaye de beauport paimpol learn french 2

abbaye learn french

Leyla quand elle était plus jeune à L’Abbaye de Beauport

abbaye learn frenchabbaye learn french

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