Brand new audio novel + clear method to start learning French

I have been wanting to create this method for a really long time but had to find the perfect way to distill my 20 years of teaching French beginners into a clear, fun and simple to use product.

And I did.

I built this method from the ground up with 3 goals in mind:

1 – Deliver a super clear French learning method for beginners

Other methods all assume you are a grammar wiz, or that you’ve had some French before. I don’t.

2 – Make it enticing

I framed the method around a realistic story and lovable characters (if you are familiar with Mary from the À Moi Paris audiobooks, well, this is the prequel, when a young Mary goes to Paris for 3 months as an au-pair)

3 – Focus on modern French pronunciation

All the novel part is recorded at 3 different speeds: slow, normal and native street French.

I’m convinced I far exceeded each one of these goals and I’m incredibly proud of À Moi Paris – The Beginnings.  Take a look and listen to the audio samples/ download the sample pdf here and let me know what you think :-)

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