Customized French Lessons for All Levels

Learn French with Skype from the convenience of your own home or office, with an experienced French teacher (who also speaks English).

Your French Lesson by Skype

Here at French Today, we believe selecting the right teacher is the key to a successful French lesson by Skype.

To really improve in French, you need to develop a trusting bond with your French teacher, so you can get over your fear of speaking French.

We aim at creating a friendly learning atmosphere, eventually resulting in natural, non-scripted conversations, to prepare you for real interactions with French people.

French Skype Lessons With Vanessa – All Levels

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“Vanessa is great fun with an excellent sense of humour that enables her students to relax and to profit fully from their learning experience” Giles Williams

A Sorbonne University graduate, Vanessa holds a Master of Science of Language and French as a Foreign Language (FFL).Vanessa is a people’s person, who is very easy to talk to and loves to share her knowledge of French culture and history.

She’s been giving French lessons for years to professionals, students, expats or simply Francophiles from a variety of backgrounds and French levels. Vanessa started to give Skype French lessons a couple of years back, and is very happy with the results and convenience.

Based in Paris, Vanessa is also available for one-on-one French lessons. She has developed cultural learning activities (walking tours Paris’ neighborhoods, museums, theme specific tours…) and will be happy to teach you French while guiding you through Paris should you come this way.

Vanessa is currently accepting new students, but her schedule is filling up quickly.

If you are interested in French lessons by Skype – or in person in Paris – or Paris Tours, contact Vanessa with your availability (FRANCE time please – indicate your goals and current French level).

French Skype Lessons With Camille – Beginners and Intermediate


“Camille has a knack for explaining grammar clearly. I feel more confident, and my ability to communicate in French has increased exponentially” Burt Wolf Host/Producer of TV Shows for CNN, ABC, Discovery Channel & more

Camille is the founder of French Today.Born and raised in Paris, Camille taught French to adults for 18 years in Boston, and developed a unique teaching method along the way.

In 2009, Camille and Olivier (and their daughter Leyla) moved back to France, where they carried on private lessons over the phone, and they develop French audiobooks to teach the modern French language.

Through her teaching career, Camille has developed the ability to speak very simply, so she is able to entice even beginners into having a conversations in French.

Although she doesn’t consider herself a grammar expert, Camille has found a way to “demystify” French grammar for English speakers. She then took all the experience she gained with her students and poured it into her audiobooks.

Lately, Camille has cut back on her French Skype lessons to be able to focus on the French Today blog, social medias and book writing/recording.

So although Camille is NOT seeking new students at the moment, she still teaches a few hours per week. If you are a returning student, or a movie star (LOL), please contact Camille to see if she could fit you in.

Advanced French Conversation Lessons with Olivier


“Learning French with Olivier, who makes you feel completely at ease, is a super experience” Mary Kay

Olivier is the co-founder of French Today.For the more advanced students looking to perfect their conversation skills in French, Olivier will converse with you about pretty much any subject.

Native French speaker who lived on 3 continents, Olivier also speaks English, Spanish and Greek and he is a “natural” when it comes to engaging people in conversation, correcting their mistakes and challenging them with new vocabulary and expressions.

He is an accomplished cook, a photographer, a TV/Movie buff and has had multiple careers in the media and tech industry so he has a wealth of experiences to talk about.

Lately, Olivier has cut back on his French Skype lessons to be able to focus on developing French Today’s website and ensuring customer full satisfaction.

So although Olivier is NOT seeking new students at the moment, he still teaches a few hours per week. If you are a returning student, or Larry Ellison (LOL), please contact Olivier to see if he could fit you in.

How Do Your French Lessons by Skype Work?

First, you contact the teacher you’d like to talk to by email, agree on times and dates for your French lessons, arrange for payment, and exchange Skype contact info.

Then, on your French lesson’s day, your French teacher will call you using Skype. You’ll decide together the best study plan to achieve your French goals, and get to know each other. Your teacher may suggest French books to study with, unless you have something specific you’d like to go over.

During the Skype French lesson, we make extensive use of Instant Messaging to write the words or sentences we talk about. You hear the new vocabulary / mistake corrections but also read them as your French lesson progresses. The chat notes are then a great study guide for you.

Your French teacher may give you homework – or not. We are all extremely flexible, and adapt our teaching to our student so you can learn French, but also have fun and not feel under pressure.

Cost: 50 Euros for each 50 minute lesson.

Contact Us To Schedule French Lessons By Skype

Would You Prefer Offline French Lessons?

If you enjoy learning French in context, check out my downloadable French audiobooks: my bilingual novels are recorded at different speeds and enunciation, and focus on today’s modern glided pronunciation. My French audiobooks are exclusively available on French Today.

French Audiobooks

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I am astonished at the progress that I have made. I definitely owe this to Camille’s extraordinary teaching skills and enthusiasm-Reza Mollaaghababa

My French Skype teacher calls me at our scheduled time, and we chat about a variety of topics – movies, weekend activities, pets, French customs, and when needed, we practice grammar exercises. I have learned a great deal and am becoming more comfortable with carrying on a real conversation-Angela Kennedy – French Teacher

My vocabulary has improved dramatically, and I am more confident in expressing myself in spoken French-Lisa McShine

The subjects seem to always vary and we discuss many topics which forces me to figure out the best way to express myself. I feel my French lessons have really helped me gain more confidence in my conversational abilities because we have real conversations-Ben Gross – Nappa Valley, CA

EXISTING STUDENTS ONLY, please go to our client portal to pay for the lessons with Camille and Olivier.