Customized French lessons for all levels

No matter whether your French lesson is on the phone or via Skype, we make extensive use of Instant Messaging to write the words or sentences we talk about so that you not only hear them but also read them as your French lesson progresses. If you don’t have IM, we’ll send you an email after the lesson. Cost: 50 Euros (about 65 USD) for each 55 minute lesson.

Your French lessons by phone (we call you) or Skype

Beginner & intermediate French lessons with Camille


Born and raised in Paris, Camille taught French to adults for 18 years in Boston, and developed a unique teaching method along the way. In 2009, Camille and Olivier (and their daughter Leyla) moved back to France, where they carried on private lessons over the phone, and they develop reachable audio tools for French students worldwide.

Camille has a unique approach to teaching French: a killer combination of everyday conversation with emphasis on a strong grammatical foundationSandeep Akkaraju

Some of Camille’s students are total beginners in French, and Camille integrates the necessary grammatical structure into conversations on everyday topics.

With intermediate students, it’s mostly chat: being able to talk about your life and ask/answer questions fast is a must when you interact in French. Camille of course explains grammar points as needed. Contact Camille.

High Intermediate and Advanced French Conversation Lessons with Olivier


For the more advanced students looking to perfect their conversation skills in French, Olivier will converse with you about pretty much any subject.  Olivier, a native French speaker who lived on 3 continents, also speaks English, Spanish and Greek and he is a “natural” when it comes to engaging people in conversation, correcting their mistakes and challenging them with new vocabulary and expressions.

Learning French with Olivier, who makes you feel completely at ease, is a super experience.
Self-consciousness on the part of the student disappears so that barriers to learning the language are significantly diminished.
Olivier is genuinely focused on the student and exploring topics of special interest to us; his own interests together with ours encourage diverse, enriching and lively conversations.Mary Kay – Salt Lake City, UT

He is an accomplished cook, a photographer, a TV/Movie buff and has had multiple careers so he has a wealth of experiences to talk about…

He will be able to help you perfect your French while conversing about:

  • Current affairs
  • French culture and society
  • Cooking (French & Ethnic)
  • Cinema and TV
  • Photography
  • New Media & Technology
  • What ever else you want to discuss…

No matter what, Olivier will always follow the student’s interests: some students love to study songs, others love French expressions or need to pass a French test… Contact Olivier.

Your French study plan: how it works

I have taken lots of classes over the years, tried studying on my own, but it wasn’t until I discovered Camille that I really noticed a huge improvement in both my French comprehensionNatasha Yakovlev

French Skype or phone lessons are available Mondays through Fridays (sorry, no weekends) from 9AM to 5PM (FRANCE time = early mornings in the US, evenings in Australia) and cost 50 Euros.- (about 65 USD) for each 55 minute lesson.

We’ll set up one or several ongoing weekly French lessons, and Camille or Olivier will call each week at the agreed upon day(s) and time(s). You may cancel/reschedule a session with 48 hrs notice, and terminate our agreement anytime with 2 weeks notice.

Can’t commit to weekly French lessons? No Problem!

If you cannot commit to a regular weekly time, then you can be on a “floater” schedule; you send Camille or Olivier an email when you’d like to take your French lesson, and according to both our availability we schedule it. “Floater” lessons are booked solid, payable when they are scheduled, and cannot be rescheduled nor refunded.

Contact Us

Our schedule can be busy, so if you are interested, contact us and let us know WHAT DAYS AND TIMES would be best for your schedule, we’ll get back to you very shortly.

Prefer to learn French offline?

Check out all of Camille’s original French audio books and audio lessons.  There are French lessons for every level and every taste.

More students reviews – click here for even more

I am astonished at the progress that I have made. I definitely owe this to Camille’s extraordinary teaching skills and enthusiasmReza Mollaaghababa

Camille calls me at our scheduled time, and we chat about a variety of topics – movies, weekend activities, pets, French customs, and when needed, we practice grammar exercises. I have learned a great deal and am becoming more comfortable with carrying on a real conversationAngela Kennedy – French Teacher

My vocabulary has improved dramatically, and I am more confident in expressing myself in spoken FrenchLisa McShine

I have really enjoyed my conversations with Olivier. The subjects seem to always vary and we discuss many topics which forces me to figure out the best way to express myself even though I might not have the particular vocabulary for the subject at hand. I feel that he has really helped me gain more confidence in my conversational abilities because we have real conversations. He is easy to talk to and I never feel uneasy in trying to come up with something to say. He makes our talks have a natural flow and supplies new words and phrases in a way that seems to be part of the discussion to help me when I get stuck. Ben Gross – Nappa Valley, CA

Existing students, please go to our client portal to pay for the lessons.