beef bourguignon

The 3 Days (so worth it) Beef Bourguignon Recipe

Beef bourguignon is one of my favorite French classics… It's an easy dish to make, freezes well, and it should only take you a few hours if you want to prepare a good one… But if you want an exceptional Beef bourguignon then make some room in your fridge… and calendar!


Top 10 things I hate about Paris

Bloggers living in Paris will eventually put together a list such as this one: things they Love and Hate (simultaneously) about Paris. Bien sûr, I say 'hate' with tongue in cheek -- most of these things are just *different* from what I'm used to and *most* have a silver lining.

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What to expect at a typical French wedding?

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to the wedding (un mariage, note only one R) of my dear cousin Coralie and her fiancé Thibaud. As I was describing the ceremony etc... to my Skype students, I was surprised to see how fun it was for them, and all the questions they asked about a typical French wedding. So I decided to share the experience with you - and re-live this magical day the time of a blog post :-)


Le 14 juillet, la Fête Nationale Française - Bastille Day

Le 14 juillet est la Fête Nationale en France : c'est une journée de célébration de la culture française. De nombreux événements publics ont lieu: des défilés militaires, des repas de commune, des danses, des fêtes et de nombreux et grandioses feux d'artifice. Mais que font vraiment les Français ce jour-là ?