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Que signifie "Black Friday"? Meaning & French Traditions for "Black Friday"

What does "Black Friday" mean and is it popular in France? This article in the form of an easy French English bilingual story takes a closer look at the vocabulary and French traditions for the huge American after Thanksgiving sale called "Black Friday" and the one held on the next Monday called "Cyber Monday".


How To Thank in French + Thanksgiving in France

Camille and I sometimes have students or friends from the US/Canada asking us about how we celebrate Thanksgiving in France. The short answer is "we don't" and that often comes to a them as a surprise... In this article, you'll find Thanksgiving French vocabulary as well as how to thank in French, and cultural notes about "le Jour de l'Action de Grâce(s)" as they say in Québec.


How do we Celebrate Halloween in France? Learn French Vocabulary and Traditions

We don't typically celebrate Halloween in France. In the 1990s, young French hipsters started to have costume parties for Halloween, and some bars and restaurants took up the trend as well (French people typically love costume parties, they are very popular for New Year's Eve or birthdays, even among grown-ups).

Switching from vous to tu in French

How To Switch From Vous To Tu in French

Most French students know that French has several forms for you: "tu" and "vous". If knowing which one to use when meeting a French person is not always easy, it's even harder to decide when it's time to switch from "vous" to "tu", and how to do the transition smoothly. Today, I will give you some useful French sentences for switching from "vous" to "tu", plus many cultural tips.

Rentree Scolaire -

The French School System Explained

This is always a problem for my students. Understanding the French school system, l'école française, knowing which grades are which is a real nightmare. So here is a post that should make things easier. I wrote the equivalent grades in the US school system, and the age of the students for reference.

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Fun French English Bilingual Activity - Quiz in a Pub!

Depuis plusieurs années, j’organise des quiz bilingues à Jugon. Les quiz ont lieu généralement dans un bar. Nous les faisons un lundi soir, un mois sur deux. Le barman a choisi le lundi parce que c’est un soir calme au bar, et nous pouvons y prendre presque toute la place.


Bastille Day French Vocabulary - le 14 Juillet, La Fête Nationale

July the 14th is the French national day - it's called "Bastille day" outside of France but never in France! "Le Quatorze Juillet" is a day of celebrating French culture. Numerous public events take place: military parades, city meals, dances, parties and many amazing fireworks. But what are French people really doing on that day?

Marianne, one of the symbols of France

What does "Vive la France" mean - Patriotism in French

"Vive la France", "Vive la liberté" are French expressions to show your patriotism. "Vive la France" translates as "hurray for France", or sometimes as "long live France", depending on the context. The French use many symbols and expressions to show their patriotism.