Les traditions de Pâques

"Pâques" is an important holiday in France: a religious one of course, but also a traditional gathering for families, religious or not. Kids go egg hunting (you can see our daughter Leyla in action), but our egg providers are a bit different: magic bells!! And we traditionally cook a large meal with a leg of lamb, and set a lively table to honor the coming of Spring time. 


Poisson d'Avril ! April's Fool in France

A "poisson d'avril" is a joke made on April 1st. In France, children try to stick a fish picture on their friends' back. When the joke is discovered, they shout "poisson d'avril !"

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French Property Renovations from a Distance: DIY or Professional Help? Part 1

I now know what it’s like to be an absentee owner while renovation is taking place in a distant location. When the Acte de Vente on my Nice apartment was signed and the contractor I had chosen began to put to use the 30% advance payment I had made to begin the work, I woke in a sweat worried that he would abscond with my money and do nothing in the apartment, or worse, make a mess of it.


How do you say white and dark meat in French?

The other day, I was talking to a semi-vegetarian student who said "je ne mange que de la viande blanche". I then answered, guessing something was weird "so, you eat veal"??? "Nooooooo" she answered, horrified. "Only chicken and seafood".

Pepé Le Pew - Pépé le Putois

Pépé Le Pew Italian???

Everyone is familiar with "Pépé Le Pew", the wonderful French skunk caricature from Looney Tunes... but how does Pépé sound in France?


Getting Married in Paris - the dream and the red tape

Many brides around the world dream about one day getting married in the utmost romantic place that France is. But when you're in the midst of the process, you realize there is a significant amount of extremely-unromantic paperwork needed to accomplish this.

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17 Things that Will Shock Americans Visiting Paris

Paris is not always like its stereotypical images... I don't want to ruin it for first-time visitors, but after 3 years living in Paris, my ex-pat eyes still catch things that surprise me... Sometimes Paris is just like its stereotypes, it's even hard to believe how true it is!