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La Cathédrale de Reims - Learn French In Context

Située à l’est de Paris dans la région Champagne-Ardenne, Reims (prononcez "Rince" = R, "IN" nasal et un S a la fin) est une ville qui a un patrimoine riche et divers. L’histoire de la ville est étroitement liée à celle de la France et on verra beaucoup de rappels de cette histoire si on se balade dans la vieille ville.


Canadian French - Le Sirop d'Erable

Puisque le Québec est le seul pays francophone qui produit du sirop d’érable, il a développé un vocabulaire spécialisé immense au sujet de l’acériculture (culture et exploitation du sucre d’érable). Le sirop d’érable est souvent appelé le sucre d’érable, ce qui est prononcé : suc’ d’érab’

fair vue d'ensemble

Les fêtes foraines - carnivals and fun fairs in France

Each summer, roving carnivals/ fun fairs seize the villages of la campagne française (French countryside). Children love it, adults are usually a bit mad at all the mess it brings (limited parking, noise etc…). They usually last for about a week, and come for special dates, very often around the Quatorze Juillet (AKA La Fête Nationale, but never referred to as "le jour de la Bastille"), but sometimes also take place around the town's Saint patron day.


D-Day ("Le Débarquement")

June 6th is a pretty special day.  It's the anniversary of D-Day and as both a French and US citizen, it definitely has double the impact on me.

French Today On Pinterest

French Vocabulary for Pinterest - Vocabulaire Pour Pinterest

Pinterest's interface in France is still in English. So French people using Pinterest are going to use English words, with a strong French accent. However, the French also use some French words - they may prove useful when following a conversation about Pinterest in French.


Les traditions de Pâques - Easter's Traditions in France

"Pâques" is an important holiday in France: a religious one of course, but also a traditional gathering for families, religious or not. Kids go egg hunting (you can see our daughter Leyla in action), but our egg providers are a bit different: magic bells!! And we traditionally cook a large meal with a leg of lamb, and set a lively table to honor the coming of Spring time.