French conjugation is a pain. These drills are the remedy

Many students are familiar with French verb tenses and know the logic behind them, and spend hours upon hours studying them. Yet, when they have to use them, they freeze. It’s very frustrating.
Furthermore, since books don’t teach you pronunciation, many students end up butchering French verbs; even if you learned with some audio, it taught you the “classic” pronunciation, not the modern glided one used in today’s French.
This method, developed by Camille Chevalier-Karfis, is unique on the market, and proven by hundreds of satisfied customers

  • learn the real modern glided pronunciation of French verbs
  • create reflexes: never hesitate again when saying a verb form
  • drill in the affirmative, negative, interrogative forms
  • super convenient: drill your verbs in the car, on your lunch break, at the gym…
  • easy to use: each drill is 6 minute long
  • start training now! We’ll send you your downloadable products as soon as you place your order.