French Today specializes in delivering high quality French audio lessons on topics that are fundamental to learning French, but are poorly explained – or explained too quickly – in traditional learning methods.

Hi, I’m Camille Chevalier-Karfis. I’ve been teaching adults in private lessons since 1994, and these lessons come from my experience in class, always refining my explanation till it became crystal clear to any student, no matter his/her background.
Most of these downloadable French audio lessons come with many exercises, all recorded so you can train out-loud and gain confidence in speaking.
With our French audio lessons, you’ll build up your French on solid foundations!

    French Beginner Foundations Bundle

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    French Beginner Foundations - Bundle Buy The Perfect Tool Set for the French Beginner And Save $$ !

    Target Level: Beginner - Audio Duration: 9 Hours 58 Min

    As a beginner, your goal is to be able to exchange a few words, handle basic conversations in specific situations, and lay a solid pronunciation and grammatical foundation.

    We’ve put together the perfect package to do just that!

    Buy "Secrets of French Pronunciation", "Fundamentals of French Verbs" and "Mastering French Adjectives" together and receive "French Greetings & Politeness" for free! (a $19.99 value).
    Essential French Dialogs Audio Lesson

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    Essential French Dialogs Everyday Conversations & Travel Tips

    Target Level: All Levels - Audio Duration: 3 hrs 6 min

    Typical conversations that cover situations any tourist is bound to encounter in France (ordering in a restaurant, buying in a shop, booking a hotel room).

    The dialogs are written using modern street French, and are recorded at two speeds to boost your confidence in both pronunciation and understanding.

    Be a savvy tourist in France: the accompanying tips (full of vocabulary) cover factual and cultural points to help you fit in, avoid faux-pas and erroneous expectations.

    ”A truly remarkable collection of dialog occurrences, tips, and advice on navigating everyday situations..."- Dr. Steve Oswald, Colonel, US Army, Ret.
    Confidence Builder Bundle

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    Confidence Builder - Bundle The Essential Tool Set to Boost Your French Conversation Level

    Target Level: Beginner & Intermediate - Audio Duration: 10 Hours 30 Min

    This confidence builder bundle will give you this essential practice, provide you with a ton of truly useful vocabulary, and boost your confidence when engaging in French conversations.

    A combination of some of our most popular products at an unbeatable price!

    Buy "Essential French Dialogs" and "A Moi Paris 2011 Edition" together and receive "Secrets of French Conversation" for free! (a $24.99 value)
    Secrets of French Pronunciation

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    Secrets of French Pronunciation 2013 Edition Learn the Rules To Speak with a True French Accent

    Target Level: All Levels - Audio Duration: 3 Hours

    This 3 hours long French audio lesson covers the foundations as well as the difficulties of French pronunciation (can you say out loud ‘Je cueille une vieille feuille sur une treille dans la ville de Lille’?).

    After only one practice run with Secrets of French Pronunciation, words like accueillir, écureuil, and feuilleter no longer stump meDianna, USA

    Mastering French Adjectives_FrenchToday

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    Describe This! Mastering French Adjectives French Adjectives Logic - from A to Z

    Target Level: All Levels - Audio Duration: 2 hrs 40 min

    French adjectives follow very different rules than English adjectives: their pronunciation in particular changes a lot depending on the word they modify, this is why learning these adjectives with audio is so important.

    This 2 hour 40 minute lesson will teach you in clear details all the logic that rules French adjectives as well as a lot of truly useful vocabulary to describe food, people, feelings etc… A major asset for all your French conversations.

    Camille’s explanations are brilliant. This is such a useful lesson!Dain T, Byron Bay, Australia

    French Verbs Fundamentals Audio Lesson

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    French Verbs Fundamentals Everything You Need to Know About The Most Common Verbs

    Target Level: Beginner & Intermediate - Audio Duration: 3 hrs 24 min

    There are many things you need to know about French subject pronouns, and the glided pronunciation of verbs. Because we are not robots, explanation itself is not enough: you need to practice, practice with audio so that the rules and pronunciation become a reflex. This is exactly what this 3 hours and 24 minutes audio masterclass provides.
    If you are a beginner student, this French audio lesson is a must for you. But I am positive even advanced students can benefit from it – specially the glided pronunciation and reflexive verbs chapters.

    I have several books and audio courses on French Verbs, but Camille’s are the bestJohn M. Hine, MD - Idaho, USA

    Secrets of French Conversation Audio Lesson

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    Secrets of French Conversation Master the Art of French Conversation

    Target Level: Beginner & Intermediate - Audio Duration: 1 Hour

    When should you use 'est-ce que'? When should you use inversion?

    Asking questions is the base of all conversations. But students of French often have trouble asking questions fast enough, or fail to understand questions they are being asked. The 'street' way of asking questions is never studied in French classes, but it is the most common way native speakers of French ask questions nowadays.

    An excellent presentation of the different ways to frame questions...- John Chamberlain, Arlington, MA, USA

    French Greetings & Politeness Masterclass - Product Shot

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    French Greetings & Politeness 2013 Edition Every Conversation Starts With the Right Greeting!

    Target Level: All Levels - Audio Duration: 50 Minutes

    Did you know it’s often appropriate to kiss on the cheeks to greet a person you meet for the first time ? When can you use “comment ça va ?” or “comment vas-tu ?”. Are you sure you understand all the subtleties between tu and vous?

    French politeness is SO much more complicated than it seems. The words are not too difficult, but they are very precise, and there are many glidings. And if you hesitate on something that seems so basic, French people are going to doubt you speak any French at all or worst, get offended! You need to quickly identify the situation and the appropriate greetings because you can’t make a first impression twice!

    Tu versus Vous is so much more complex than what it seems. Camille's explanation is brilliantGeorge K. - Australia