French Greetings & Politeness 2013 Edition Every Conversation Starts With the Right Greeting!

French Greetings & Politeness Masterclass - Product Shot
Target Level: All Levels
Audio Duration: 50 Minutes
PDF Book: 24 Pages
Language: Explanations in English with Examples & Exercises in French
Format: MP3 & PDF Download

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This is absolutely the first thing any student of French needs to master!
This 50 minute audio lesson will give you the confidence you need to properly greet people in French, and create the right and essential politeness reflexes used in any interaction with French people.

You will also learn how to position your body to kiss “hi” and “goodbye”, we’ll talk about tu ≠ vous, and point out faux-pas (like hugging, or saying “bonne nuit” (sleep well) when what you meant to say was “bonne soirée” (have a good evening)…

  • Gain speed and confidence in real life situations – all conversations start with greetings!
  • Understand the differences between “tu” and “vous” (it’s much, MUCH more subtle than just friend versus stranger)
  • Master the glided pronunciation of greetings and expressions of politeness in modern French
  • Learn when it is appropriate to kiss someone on the cheeks or when you should shake hands – the French don’t hug!

Listen to a sample of “French Greetings and Politeness”

1. Saying “hi”, “goodbye”, and “see you later”

2. “Tu” versus “Vous”

  1. Basic rules
  2. Going from vous to tu
  3. More difficult than it seems
  4. Age
  5. Time period
  6. Gender
  7. Context
  8. Regions
  9. History of the distinction between “tu” and “vous”
  10. Social Class
  11. Personal Habit
  12. They say tu = you say tu
  13. A very subtle yet strong message
  14. When in doubt, use “vous”

3. Meeting someone: Introducing yourself and asking someone their name

4. “How are you?” is more complicated than it seems

  1. If you are using “vous”
  2. If you are using “tu” in a more formal environment
  3. If you are using “tu” in an informal situation

5. Expressions of politeness

6. The moves: kiss, don’t hug!

  1. Let’s start with some vocabulary about kissing
  2. Who kisses?
  3. How does one kiss?
  4. How often do we kiss?
  5. Kissing in the office?
  6. Some situations where YOU could get kissed:
  7. So whith whom do you shake hands?
  8. How should you shake hands?
  9. What about “le baise main” (kissing the hand)?

2 reviews for French Greetings & Politeness

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Camille has a beautiful voice that makes listening to her speak French a pleasure. She provides useful tips about French culture and correct usage of french language that I have not encountered from previous French instructors.

  2. 3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is a fairly simple audio but it helps to reinforce the necessity that politeness in the spoken language is very important in France. I find the most benefit from the audios is the repetition and pronunciation practice that they provide.

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Gosh, I said "bonne nuit" instead of "bonne soirée" so many times in the past... Thank you Camille for making this clear for me Henry Courtney, USA

When people asked me "comment allez-vous ?" I used to freeze. Not any longer thanks to French Today's sublime masterclass!Paul H. - Ireland

Tu versus Vous is so much more complex than what it seems. Camille's explanation is brilliantGeorge K. - Australia

The audio is so useful: I put it on my iPod and listen/repeat at the gym. I feel confident now that when I speak French, at least, I am polite!Juan Luis - Venezuela