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Improve your French and discover French culture as you experience all that France's capital has to offer. Live completely immersed in French language, learning French and living like a typical Parisian at Françoise's. Practice your French on the streets of Paris while visiting some of the most significant museums - and enjoy the best food and shopping in the world.

French Immersion Residential Program in Paris, France

Bonjour et bienvenue chez moi !

(The picture above is taken two blocks away from my street!)

My name is Françoise, I’m a native Frenchwoman but I’ve traveled to many places in my life. In 1978, I lived in New Orleans (and taught French there), and in 1982 I lived in Indonesia and then travelled throughout Asia.

In 1985, I came back to Paris and received a teaching degree from La Sorbonne (Master in Teaching French as a Foreign Language). I’m fluent in English.

Ever since, I have been teaching French to students of all ages, levels and nationalities.

I love Paris, and am still discovering hidden places I will be happy to show you: The city of light has a lot to offer to people willing to explore it!

My Parisian flat can only accommodate one guest: so only you will share my everyday life.

We’ll go to the market and cook together, I’ll show you how to shop like a Parisian… if you want I’ll take you to the flea market and teach how to bargain, and many other things in French.

Before the outings we’ll study the specific vocabulary and grammar, and role play the situation so you’ll have the confidence you need when you interact with French people in the streets of Paris.

The Batignolles Neighborhood in Paris, France

I live in the heart of the Batignolles, in the 17th “arrondissement” (district) of Paris.

Located between “Montmartre” and “Les Champs Elysées”, this “quartier” (neighborhood) is perfect to visit Paris. 

french immersion in france paris teacher

The Batignolles neighborhood has changed a lot since I moved in 25 years ago! It’s now very trendy, much younger than before, full of restaurants, cafés, shops and boutiques.

french immersion in france paris teacher

The square des Batignolles is two blocks away, and the peaceful Parc Monceau is also within walking distance. La Place de Clichy is a 10 minute walk away, and if you keep going, then there is Pigalle, “Le Moulin Rouge” and “le chaud Paris”… but it’s quite far from us.

french immersion in france paris teacher

As a matter of fact “mon quartier” is like a small village, with lots of bakeries with fresh breads and beautiful pastries, traiteurs, groceries stores and small supermarkets; there’s also a market open six days a week with all the fresh food you can dream of.

french immersion in france paris teacher

It’s a very safe neighborhood, because it’s residential, however, it’s not very well-known to tourists: so you’ll be surrounded by real Parisians. I promise you will experience daily life like true Parisians live it.

Which takes us to my apartment and your accommodation in Paris

Your Room in Paris

My apartment is a typical Parisian flat: located in a traditional Haussmanian style Parisian building with a balcony, it’s not very big but it’s perfect for two people: you and me!

Now, like many flat in Paris, there’s no elevator. And my flat is on the French “fifth” floor : 5 floors up from the street level. So, it involves a bit of exercise (which will be a good thing after all the fantastic French food we’ll eat!).

learn french immersion in france in Paris

Because it’s high up, there is a nice view of the Parisians rooftops, and it’s full of light.

As you can see, there are wooden floors throughout the apartment, big French windows and each room is furnished with a mix of antiques and modern furniture for comfort.

learn french immersion in france in Paris

There is a small kitchen and I enjoy cooking, mostly traditional French foods. I like to cook with fresh produce which I buy in the neighborhood boutiques or the market. There are so many affordable restaurants around my house that I also often go out to eat. When you are in Paris, you can really enjoy all kinds of foods!

learn french immersion in france in Paris

And now, let’s look at your room in Paris :-)

Your room is comfortable and has a desk to study, a full size (one person) bed with a small bedside table, a large drawer case and an armoire.

learn french immersion in france in Paris

The plus is the balcony and the view – you can’t get more Parisian than that!

learn french immersion in france in Paris

As in most Parisian flats, there is only one bathroom. So you and I will share it.

learn french immersion in france in Paris

There is WiFi throughout the apartment, and a big TV in the living-room.

I don’t have pets and unfortunately cannot welcome them.

I don’t smoke and smoking is not allowed in my apartment.

Practice Your French In Paris

There is just too much to say about Paris. So many places to visit. And you’ll be living in the heart of it all.

The closest métro stop is on line 2, and it’s direct to Champs Elysées or Montmartre!

Paris is just there, at your fingertips.

french immersion stay in paris

french immersion stay in paris

french immersion stay in paris

Practical Info About Your French Immersion Residential Course

A typical 1 week offer includes (but is not limited to):

  • Fifteen hours of French lessons – usually 3 hours in the morning or afternoon over 5 days
  • Two organised excursions of your choice- visit of different neighborhoods, museums, parks… (tickets and museum entry fees not included)
  • Accommodation in your own room with a full size bed
  • Two meals a day: breakfast (continental) + lunch or dinner

The Price With These Options Is 1400 Euros Per Week For One Person

There are so many things to do in Paris, you will also have your own agenda and use your free time to explore this gorgeous city. If you plan a trip outside of Paris and would like to move lessons around, I’ll be happy to adapt my program according to both our availabilities: I can also give you more or less homework: you’re the boss.

There are also many good and affordable restaurants all around my place: another perk of living in Paris – and Parisians do go out quite a bit!

Being inside Paris itself means you can enjoy all the public and private transportation options: the métro is just nearby, so is the bus stop. You can rent a velib (bike) if you are feeling adventurous, or simply get an Uber. In any case, do pack some good walking shoes: we always end-up walking quite a lot in Paris!

I’m looking forward to meeting you and sharing a typical Parisian routine with you.

learn french in france in immersion teacher home

Contact Françoise – French Immersion Homestay Teacher

Reviews From Students

Shas – 2017 – French immersion Stay in Paris Batignolles

french immersion in paris teacher home learn

I spent just four days with Francoise, in her really very nice French apartment.

I wanted to kick-start my drive to improve my French in the intermediate rut it has been in for years – Francoise certainly helped me to do that.

She was very good at gauging my level and tailoring our daily  lessons to fit. I learnt plenty of new vocabulary and revisited forgotten grammar.

french immersion in paris teacher home learn

I was well-fed with good, nutritious food, in a warm and comfortable with good wifi connection.

The trips to the fish market, a meal in a restaurant, the Montmartre cemetery and a general exploration around the back streets of Montmartre were fascinating.

french immersion in paris teacher home learn

All in all a very good experience – shame I couldn’t stay longer.

Eugenia – French Immersion Stay in Paris Batignolles

learn french in immersion in france

Early this year, I spent two weeks with Francoise for an immersive course in French, a really intensive course, before settling in Paris with my family.

Thanks to Francoise, I discovered Paris as a really Parisian.

She is an excellent teacher and quickly she helped me grasp with certain structural aspects of the language, mainly with my terrible French phonetics!. She really tailored the course to my needs.

About my accommodations I loved her centrally located and gorgeous apartment close to Montmartre and the Lafayette Galleries. My light-filled bedroom overlooked the rooftops of Paris.

She prepared two meals a day for me, I learnt a lot about French cuisine with her, enjoying sometimes a glass of Bordeaux red wine on her balcony. So lovely!

I spent usually my late-afternoons walking around Paris. Francoise took me on very funny and exciting tours around the city!.

A couple of months ago, Francoise, encouraged me to develop my language skills and now, I live in Paris with my family…. But the most important thing of my first French immersion is that I found an excellent teacher, an incredibly cultured and generous woman and a new friend in the “City of Light”.

Joan – French Immersion Stay in Paris Batignolles

french immersion stay in paris

Thank you so much for allowing me to live a Parisian life.

It was such a delight to stay at your wonderful apartment and to speak in  French from morning until evening.

I must admit that when I learned that your apartment was on the 5th Floor, it gave me pause. Well, it turned out to be a blessing. I loved the exercise and felt so strong bringing our grocery treasures up the stairs after our adventures in the markets and the specialty stores. And of course, after the ascent, I felt that I could truly indulge in the dinner we prepared with the accompanying wine. In addition to being a wonderful teacher of the French language and culture, you are an excellent cook – simple and elegant.

By the end of the week, I felt so comfortable food shopping and bargaining and discussing the produce in French!  I find that I miss the shops and the routine of your little neighborhood that I was able to experience so authentically.

I can’t thank you enough for all that I learned and a unique experience. 

Until the next visit,

Laura – French Immersion Stay in Paris Batignolles

french immersion in france

I want to thank Francoise who received me in her home for a little longer than a week.

I decided that, since I don’t have so much time for regular courses, the best way for refreshing my French was to get into living in Paris for a few days to get the best out of it. What a good decision!

Francoise made me speak French from morning to evening. Not only with her but with all her environment. I am so grateful for her generosity, time, consistency, effort and patience.

I loved the whole experience, not only because of my big improvement in the language but also for learning the cultural French style of life.

I highly recommend her place; It is a lovely apartment in a great and pretty neighbourhood. As a matter of fact, I am thinking about repeating the experience as soon as I can.

Definitely the best way to learn a language is living with a local 24h a day and if it is with Francoise, it’s even better!

Thank you!

Louise – French Immersion Stay in Paris Batignolles

learn french in france in immersion teacher home

Françoise, thanks to you I can now converse in French and understand the French much better when they speak. You have been so patient and always keen to make the lessons enjoyable. You are a very dedicated teacher who knew how to give me the confidence I was lacking to feel at ease. Now I am still making some mistakes but I am no longer afraid to talk.

The classes were very structured: I learnt the grammar and vocabulary that enabled me to go out and practice my French in real life situations. Together we went to some places that only the true Parisians know.  With you I learned not only the language but also the French way of life.

You are such a good cook: thank you for teaching me some French recipes – I can’t wait to try them at home.

I’m already making plans to come back to you next year!

Merci encore.