What format are your products in?

All French Today audiobooks and audio lessons are delivered via standard mp3 audio files and PDF text transcripts that work on all computers made in the last 8 years.

You can use the built-in iTunes or Windows Media Player (or any other media player) to playback the audio and can use the built-in Apple Preview or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDFs.

Will these products work on iPhone, iPad…


All French Today products are delivered via standard mp3 audio files and PDF text transcripts.  They are therefore fully compatible with your iOS device. Just import the files into iTunes and they sync them to enjoy them on your device.

Do you really offer 100% money back guarantee?


We are so confidant that French Today’s audiobooks and audio lessons are some of the best in the industry that if you are unhappy with them, we’ll refund your purchase 100%… But honesly, we’ve sold thousands of products and we’ve only been asked for refunds 6 times (and most of these customers ended up buying the wrong products).

I don’t have an iPod or such, but I need a CD to play in my car…

You can do that too.

Although we do not sell products on CDs and books, you can easily make a CD to enjoy your lessons on the go.  Just follow this simple tutorial