Chapitre 1 - Rencontre dans un train

In this first chapter, you will meet Mary, Sophie and Claudia, three young women in a train that is taking them to their brand new Parisian life.


Chapitre 2 - Une Petite Faim

It's lunchtime, the girls are getting hungry and decide to go check out the snack bar. There, Sophie runs into an old acquaintance...


Chapitre 3 - Sortie au Cinéma

First night out for the girls: Sophie and Claudia invite Mary to join them to see a movie, but Mary gets lost in the Paris Métro...


Chapitre 4 - Sophie Cherche Une Tenue

Sophie is invited to a wedding and needs to buy and outfit for this occasion. She asks for the help of Mary, and the 2 girls go shopping in the numerous boutiques of "la rue de Passy". In this chapter, you'll learn a lot of shopping and clothing terms.


Chapitre 5 - La Rentrée

First day of school for the girls. They then gather up in a café where they meet Patrick who invites them to a party.


Chapitre 6 - La Fête

It's party time. And there is romance in the air... Patrick and Mary prepare a birthday party for Eric, and everybody gathers to celebrate.


Chapitre 7 - Une Bonne Idée

Sophie and Claudia decide that Mary would make the perfect roommate. They invite her for dinner so she can check out their apartment. This chapter is longer, and starts the second part of the book, which is more of an intermediate level. In this chapter you will learn a lot of useful vocabulary about rooms and furniture.


Chapitre 8 - Une Invitation

Patrick and Mary are now going out together. She receives a phone call from her grandmother who lives in England, and an invitation is made.